Does an Eternity Ring have to be on your left hand?

  1. My hubby and I celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary in July I have been promised an Eternity Ring (at last!)

    I have had in my mind for the last 10 years the sort of ring that I would like - a Channel Set, Baguette Cut Diamond full or half eternity ring.

    The problem is that my Engagement ring which was designed by my hubby is curved so an Eternity ring would have to be made to fit around it - this would mean that it would be hugely more expensive than if I got a straight one and I may not be able to get one that I originally wanted.

    So the question is really - can I get a straight ring and wear this on my right hand or does an eternity ring have to be above your Engagement ring on your left hand as tradition has set?

    Also, as my Engagement Ring and Wedding Band are 18ct Gold (White Gold and Platinum weren't really popular back then) could I get a White gold or Platinum one if I wore it on the other hand?

    (Photo shows my Engagement Ring and Wedding Band)
  2. First of all---congrats on 10 years!!! Your wedding set is beautiful and even more special since it was designed by your DH. I'll throw my 2 cents in for whatever it is worth lol!! I say go ahead and get the eternity ring you have had your heart/mind set on and wear it with pride on your right hand! It sounds beautiful! I believe in doing what you want/love when it comes to jewelry and not what any traditions/rules say. That just keeps you confined and in a box! I have no problems mixing yellow and white gold although I know some people do. My wedding set is in yellow gold but the diamonds are set in platinum. I would love to have an eternity ring in white gold one day and I would probably wear it on my right hand as well. I'll be interested to hear what others have to say.
  3. I don't see any reason not to wear yellow gold and white gold (or platinum) at the same time. Gosh, David Yurman makes a lot of jewelry with mixed metals and it looks really nice!

    As for wearing it on your right hand, I think that's the perfect solution. I love living in this day and age.....we can wear our jewelry however we want!
  4. congrats on the 1oth!!!

    personally i think mixed metal....(gold and platinum) is kinda fun....i like it.....i agree with leelee, wearing the ring on your right hand is just fine :smile:
  5. I think an eternity ring should go on your right hand, I don't think it should compete with your wedding set. I mix yellow and white metals all the time. My watch is stainless and gold, and many designers (Yurman, Ripka for example) mix both in the same piece.
  6. Thanks for all your help. I have been thinking about it more (and checking out all the ring threads!!) and I think I will be get a straight one to go on my right hand.

    I think if I got one to wear above my engagement ring it would all be too big as I've got quite short stumpy fingers (unfortunately).

    This is similar to what I have in mind - the bottom one. Channel set, Emerald or Princess cut diamonds in either gold, platinum, white gold or a mixture, maybe a gold band (to match my others) but the diamonds set in platinum or something.

    (sorry, I borrowed the photo from another thread - I hope the PFer won't mind)
  7. I say wear on your right. You can do whatever you like!
  8. i wear mine on my right hand. wedding set is on my left hand. do what looks best on you.
  9. I think wearing on your right hand would look fabulous!
  10. I would wear my engagement ring on my right hand and eternity ring on my left. I also had a thought looking at your pics: I wondered if you'd like the jeweler to set diamonds in you present wedding band (ie the etoile look of Tiffany). The plusses for that would be sentimentally you would still be using your wedding band and the fit would be as perfect as it is now......:idea: Of course, if you go that route MAKE SURE THE JEWELER IS TALENTED!!!
  11. Thats something I hadn't thought of thanks for the idea.