Does Aloharag put BBags on sale?

  1. If yes, typically what is the discount, 30, 50%? And how often?

  2. I should be more specific ... I am interested in the motorcycle bags.
  3. I think they put some of the bbags on sale this season, but not the leather motorcycle bags. some of the fabric, ponyhair and offshoot designs went on sale. or are on sale, as their big winter sale is going on right now!

    give them a call- I know that all their chloe went on sale, but balenciaga moto leather bags never go on sale from them. I think the less popular colors from S/S 06 went on sale at Barneys though this season.
  4. Last year, they had a few B-bags on sale for 50% off but they were not your ordinary moto bags. However, they did put that hideous neon yellow and green fabric City bags on sale for 50% off at one time. They also had a few pony hair coin purses for sale a few months ago too.

    Basically, you won't find them putting the regular leather moto B-bags on sale anytime soon.
  5. Call your local Barney's outlet. I was looking for a Lanvin bag a while ago, and the SA told me they get Balenciaga bags on sale sometimes.
  6. i asked pompei from aloharag and she said they never put the motorcycle ones on sale, only the occasion suede yucky stuff
  7. Thanks girls!