Does Aloharag have a waitlist for S/S 07?

  1. I had a great experience purchasing a bag from them, so I love to buy from them again, but their website doesn't say anything about whether we have to get on a waitlist to buy one of the new season colors, like you do at Barney's and Balenciaga.

    Does anyone have any info (or guesses) on this? I'm into the Blue France :yes:
  2. That blue france is hot, but I don't think they have a wait-list for there spring collection.
  3. how does the blue france look like?
  4. Here's a picture of the blue france
  5. AR doesnt have a waitlist- but you can email them and ask them to notify you when the color&size you want comes in!

    good luck!
  6. Which boutique or store usually gets their stock first?

    I absolutely need one before Christmas!
  7. It seems like it depends which style you want. IME, BalNY gets Twiggys in early (I got my Rouge Vif and Blue India Twiggys fairly early on) but Cities take forever... seems like NM gets Cities earlier. If I recall, AR seems to get the Firsts first. lol!
  8. AR was one of the first places to get firsts for this season... for some reason. I think BalNY or BalParis usually has cities first, but I'm not 100% sure.
  9. i e-mailed Jumpei and he said to contact him back in December. i love AR and i'm going to order my next balenciaga from them. hope they have what i want though.
  10. Yeah, I love AR too! Truthfully, I've had such bad experiences w/ buying stuff online that finding a place that is so nice and responsible is such a comfort. It sounds crazy, but I'd probably pay extra just for the piece of mind of not having to worry if the bag will turn out damaged, etc. I once had a bag from Big Drop in NYC come in w/ pen marks all over it and *baked* (cracked all over) from sitting in the sun in the front window for months. I almost cried when I saw it...