Does all Muse use the same leather??

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  1. Since I have bought Overzise Muse in Dark Khaki, the SA told that they used African Buffalo skin that makes the bag is quite heavy (well for me).....:push:

    My friend just bought her Antracite Oversize Muse, but I feel that the leatehr is a bit softer and lighter than mine...anyone have idea??? :shrugs:

    I think may be antracite doesn't use the same leather or the leather was processed so that it's softer and lighter??:confused1:
  2. Anthracite is made of goat (chevre). I never noticed a weight difference though between my buffalo Muse (in black) and my anthracite one, but maybe that's because in the medium size, they are not as heavy.
  3. Aha:cutesy:......thanks for your clerify!!! :kiss:
  4. Thai, where did your friend find an anthracite?
  5. i think in Italy:smile: Are you looking for one?? The color is so amzing and plus the weight!!:yes:
  6. Yes, I am. If you know where maybe I can eMail them. Thanks.