Does all dior bags go on sale eventually?

  1. I was wondering if all dior bags go on sale eventually whether its the seasonal sale or the outlet sale. I sometimes wish that dior bags dont go on sale like LV or chanel, cause i hate that feeling of seeing a bag i bought for full price being on
  2. depends on the bag :yes:

    most bags do go on sale.. but if it becomes an "it" bag or a classic, it probably wont go on sale. Like the saddle bag, lady dior, or gaucho.

    I am surprised that the gaucho became so popular honestly :p

    imo the design of the bag is really fitting for the Dior a/w 06 collection, and doesn't really fit in with Dior's current attitude :sweatdrop:
  3. actually same as dior, Chanel does go on sale. There's a Chanel outlet too and on sale Chanel items also avaliable at neiman last call and other retailers.

    But both Chanel and dior's popular items wont go on sale. For dior detective, the popular colors never goes on sale, only brown or extremely bright colors aka not so widely-loved.

    I only know of LV that never goes on sale.
  4. Jeslyn, where is the Chanel outlet? thanks in advance
  5. Woodburry commons in New York. That is the only one in US but imo, you have better chances getting discounted Chanel in neimen last call
  6. Thats the thing thats putting me off getting the new rpmantique bag, incase i see it on sale in a few months! But I think in the uk the outlet items sre not as cut price as in the US. I went the other month ans the flight bag was like £150/ $300 off retail, xx
  7. Jeslyn, thanks for the info, I appreciate it!
  8. If you are in Paris the last two weeks of June, you can get alot of half off Dior bags! Only at dept. stores like Le Bon Marche though. :smile: I bought a few a few summers ago.
  9. Most of Dior always goes on sale.