Does all Chanel leather goods have the hollogram sticker?

  1. Does all Chanel leather goods have the hollogram sticker?
  2. Hologram stickers have been put in the bags since the middle/late 80's. Most Chanel bags (maybe some exceptions if it is vintage) from then on out would have a sticker unless it fell out.
  3. I have two the same bags, different colors and the hologram placement is different?

    The hologram sticker on my relatively new white GST is on a little leather tab inside and the hologram sticker on my beige GST - bought at the same time, does not have a leather tab, but it is on adhered on the inside of the bag:confused1:
  4. I have noticed, but may not always be the case, that when the hologram is on a leather tab, the interior is fabric. If it is adhered to the bag, the interior is leather. Again, this is not always true, but I have noticed this on the majority of bags I have seen.
  5. hollograms only on bags?

    what about wallets and leather belts?
  6. ^My camellia card holder didn't come with a hologram sticker (I don't think so at least, since it didn't come with an authenticity card either).

    My metallic wallet on chain does have an authenticity card and hologram sticker that came with it (and for the price it BETTER).
  7. My business card case has no hologram, nor do my leather gloves. Maybe it happens only on things that tend to be copied?
  8. my wallet has one:yes:
  9. ^I think generally wallets and bags come with them... I guess smaller accessories like card cases and things of that nature don't.
  10. my wallet doesn't have one, but it's old
  11. my handbags, wallet, coin purse and agenda all come with them. no hologram on my metal belt but as all other jewellery, it has a chanel stamp.