Does all Burberry handbag have serial number?

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  1. I recently bought a burberry bag from Ebay, the one I got does say "made in Italy", but there is no serial number on the back. The seller says he called the NY burberry office and they told him/her not all burberry bags come with serial number. Is this true? Thanks
  2. Not all the bags I own have serial #'s.
  3. I would have it authenticated here.
  4. I bought a Burberry haymarket tote from Neiman Marcus and it doesn't have a serial number. I thought my bag was fake because it didn't have a serial number, but I don't know because it's Neimans and they don't sell fakes.
  5. I bought 2 Burberry supernova bags from Nordstrom a few years back. Many Burberry pieces, especially those more than 4 years old, don't have serial numbers. The best way to tell whether a Burberry is authentic is by the tag inside the bag, the quality of the material used, the hardware and stamps on hardware, and the cleanliness of the Burberry lines on the bag (All lines match up perfectly, on both sides of the bag.) Burberry bags are authentic even if they don't have serial numbers.
  6. I recently purchase a satchel Burberry satchel Haymarket and it does not have a serial number on the back of the Made in Italy tag. I was told it is genuine, since it was purchased at Nordstrom. Does anyone knows if this type of satchel has the Burberry logo printed on it? The long strap does not have any lettering on the clasp? The zipper is Lampo. and the inside one ykk. I would appreciate any input.
  7. Do you have any pictures of the bag you can post? My tags in my bags all say burberry on them. But it might help if you can show the bag and the details of it