does all bags come with a box?

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  1. I just bought a bag from Gucci in Paris. It came only in a dust bag. Quick question: is there supposed to be an accompanying box? I was so high from the purchase I forgot to ask them for the box! (I didn't think you need to ASK for such things anyway!)

    By the way, the service at Gucci in Paris is very bad. All the staff, not just one or two, were horrible and rude and unhelpful. Not worth letting them make commission off you. I wanted to buy two bags but got one instead because of their horrid service.
  2. Not sure about Paris, but in the States you've to ask for the box unless you buy over the phone or from
  3. Anyone else familiar with this question? Or have purchase Gucci bags and was given the box even without having to ask for it? Would really help if anyone would reply too.
  4. when they mail it to you i think they are sopposed to put in the box but during the sale i bought from 3 diff gucci stores and 2 of them came with boxes other store just sent it with the dustbag so i dunno it just depends on the sa
  5. When I bought my bag, SA grabbed it from the back room and it came in the box. She just naturally assumed I wanted the box but I told her I wanted to carry the bag right away, so I didn't need the box or even a bag.
  6. When I bought from the outlet over the phone all I got was the dustbag, but when I bought online from Gucci I did get a box.

    Oh, and this is in the US
  7. Ditto this! The wallets I purchased from the outlet did come in a Gucci box. When I got my bag from Nordstrom, I asked for a box (for storage purposes) - they didn't have Gucci boxes but they did box it up in a Nordstrom one for me.
  8. i bought a bag in florence, italy and the SA asked me if i wanted a box
  9. I usually get a box. I would say 2 out of 3 times they wrap it up with a box without my asking.
  10. My Gucci bag didnt come in a hard box it was in a gift box type thing... tied with ribbon
  11. Every Gucci purchased (from Gucci Store)for me came with a box. The SA never asks if I want the box.
  12. I've only purchased one bag from a Gucci store and all I got was its dustbag.
  13. You need to ask them for a box here in Canada as well, and most of the time they don't even have any in the boutique here in Toronto. The wallets however are always accompanied by a box regardless.
  14. I purchased from the stores or online, I always get a box for each item I purchased. The SA just wrap it up for me with the boxes.
  15. My friend and I bought Gucci bags in Milan and Venice last summer and we both got boxes.