Does Age Matter ?

  1. I read that. For me personally, yes. I don't want my husband to be 20 years older than me as the possibility he will go before me is larger than if he's more my age. But on other couples, no. It doesn't bother me. If they love each other and want to be together, go for it. It's whatever makes you happy.
  2. Age really doesn't matter. I'm living proof. My husband is 22 years older than me. In August we will be married 13 years. We are having the time of our lives. We have a wonderful life together. We are not only husband and wife we are best friends. We do everything together. We both work hard and play hard. We both love to ski, ride our motorcycles, travel, blah, blah, blah together. Initially I had the same fear Kathyrose spoke about .... that he will go before me due to the age difference, then I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was 30. You never know when your time is up. Since that experience I no longer worry about what will BE. I just enjoy what IS.;)
  3. Nope not at all, age is just a number. Its about how well you work together/ and get along. Its about enjoying eachother and having things in common.
    Sometimes you get along better with people older or younger then you, not everyone your age has the same in common.
    I say go with whatever works for you and never mind what others think or say.
  4. i think that really depends on how old the two people are more so than their age difference. and the maturity level of each individual as well as the reasons behind the marriage. age is always something that should factor in, but that doesn't mean it should be a deciding factor. if your true love happens to be decades older than you, than so be it. as far as for myself, my dad might have a heart attack if i went too far outside of my age range.
  5. Age is just a number and if you're into the same things, it shouldn't matter.
    However, large age differences can give lots of "problems" usually stemming from the interrogations or fears of either spouse.

    Sometimes, a marriage is just cementing a deep connection, not just a passionate relationship. (Does that make sense to anyone else but me?)
  6. I agree! One of my best friends married a man 17 years younger than her. She was worried about what her friends might think, but I told her that what matters most is their love for each other.
  7. Age doesn't bother me either. I've dated guys younger, same age and older. It seems I get along better with older people. I think if the couple is happy age doesn't matter.
  8. I don't always think it matters.. but 104 and 33 is ridiculous in my opinion.
  9. I am in the same boat as a lot of you ladies , my Darling Fiance is 40 and i am 26. At first my parents did not approve , but when they saw just how much we are in love and the respect he treats me with and vice versa , they started to love him as much as i do, I never really clicked with any one my own age, and We are such kindred souls that I dont even think about the 14yrs difrance .... now if i could just get him to understand that the Fendi Spy is a NESSISARY purchase .......
  10. out of curiosity, what would people say about their daughters dating someone 3-6 years (or something in that range) older than them?
  11. It would depend on how old my daugther was to begin with.

    I think it matter s when she's 15 and dating a 26+ and older guy. When she's mature enough to make that choice, i'd say in her mid 20's and dating a 40 yr old its a different story. Also depends on the person she's dating, and that would work regardless of age.
  12. What a great response.
  13. No, I get it, and I agree. :love:
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