Does a YSL Agenda/Planner exist?

  1. Hello gals! Just wondering if anyone has seen one or know where I can buy it. I only have YSL bags....a random Chanel wallet from the bf...and I don't really wanna have too many 'brands' in my bag so I'd like to either find a Chanel or YSL planner/agenda book. However, I'm def more of a YSL girl so finding a YSL planner would be a HUGE PLUS!

    Can anyone help?? :confused1:

    off topic.....Seems like my next best option is an LV planner...but knowing me, that's just gonna make me want to buy an LV bag to match! like when the bf got me the Chanel wallet, I immediate wanted a Chanel bag (and had to practice MAJOR self control to not get one):nogood:
  2. I wish they made one, too! Nothing exists to the best of my knowledge.
    I was thinking about an LV planner as well. I only have one LV bag, although I'm considering a Richard Prince. I am now considering a planner from Hermes. I like that the "rings" are part of the agenda that you remove every year. The rings in the LV are permanent. It just seems they could get damaged more easily...The Hermes one looks classic, and I think that would mesh well with the YSL bags. Just my planner debate thoughts....
  3. Hi i know a friend who have ysl agenda 2006, she said she will post it to eBay for sale.
  4. I purchased mine from the Beverly HIlls boutique last fall from Jeffrey in a leopard calf skin and it is gorgeous!!! They also have the new Chyc collection agendas available. Maybe they make a Muse one too? Call and ask for him, he emailed me pictures and was very very helpful