Does a white bow get quickly dirty?

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  1. Hello,

    has anyone of you owning a white bow or a (nearly)white miumiu/prada bag an experience with the maintaining of the lamb leather?
    I want soooo much a bow bag in talco ( powder). But I´m afraid it gets rapid dirty.
    should I buy the purse ? ( Itś the only one left in the boutique). I want it sooo bad and i´m sooo afraid. Are the Lovinmybags products so miracle?
    Please hellllpppp!!!
  2. It seems nobody has a white bag or noone has to take care about it:crybaby:
  3. sorry thta no one reply... but it could be thta no one has the answer to your question and thus did not reply..:tup::yes:
  4. I do not have a bow bag, but I would think you need to exercise extra care for any light coloured bags, especially transfer of colour from blue jeans. I ever had a white leather bag stained slightly by my blue jeans. Although i love the look of white bags, so far i never bought an expensive white bag because it would be too stressful for me to use.
  5. I have no experience with any white bags. I'm way too clumsy to own one!
  6. my cream botkier [ok,it's not miu quality] got like a pale rainbow after 2 months but this is how it's like for most light colour bags,even for the light brown colours of miumiu[cammelo,sabbia,cera].So you either let it go and live with it or do not purchase one;)