does a violet part time w/ GGH even exist?

  1. ive been searching w/ no luck for a violet part time w/ giant gold hardware. do any of you have one? id love to see some pics and any info on where i can find one. thanks!
  2. BalNY had one when I called them yesterday:idea:
  3. :confused1:BalNY had one I remember.....already for awhile.
    I wanted to buy it, but was not sure if I like the gold with purple.
    Call them.
    Good luck:tup:
  4. Saks carries them too:yes:
  5. Post pics when you get your bag.
  6. its done! i hope i love it! ill post pics- thanks!
  7. congrats!
  8. if you got the one at balnyc i saw one there when I bought my jaune city and almost bought it. It was lovely and I don't consider myself a GH (especially GGH) kind of girl. I can't wait to see pics!