Does a very expensive designer bag look silly to you with non-designer clothes?

  1. Say if someone is carrying an LV, and wearing Banana Republic. Do you think it looks out of whack somehow?

    I own a couple of serious bags (LV mainly) and since finding TPF have been looking to expand my collection. Here's the thing though: I can't afford to wear that kind of clothing. I can do a couple bags a year, but I don't buy all my clothes at Saks. I buy them at BR, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco. Sure there is some mid-level stuff in there like BCBG and Theory and Laundry, and I buy high-end (COH, R&R) jeans and most of my shoes are at least mid-range (Stuart Weitzman, Michael Kors, Charles David etc) but basically I am a mass market shopper when it comes to clothing.

    So does this mean I should stick down in the mid range with bags as well? Do you think it looks silly to see a Balenciaga or Fendi on the arm of someone wearing quality, but not couture, clothing?

    Serious opinions appreciated. :yes:
  2. NO WAY!!!!! It doesnt matter how expensive your clothing is, it's how you wear it.

    There's ladies who wear old navy with their BIRKINS and they rock that outfit SUPERBLY.
  3. ETA - And your wardrobe sounds perfect!!
  4. Say if someone is carrying an LV, and wearing Banana Republic. Do you think it looks out of whack somehow?

    Nah. It's like having well-manicured nails. A bit of polish/a polished piece can class up a whole outfit. :smile:
  5. LOL, you just described me to a T right there. Buying designer bags is my vice however, I don't invest alot in clothing. I wear COH jeans mostly but overall, my closet is full of Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, etc... All quality clothes but not incredibly expensive. I have 2 small kids & just about every shirt I own gets little stained fingerprints, snot, marker, etc... on them. I think it's fine to mix & match designer & "non-designer". I have some gorgeous clothes that I didn't spend a ton of money on but if you know how to dress, you can LOOK like you spent alot.
  6. Thanks girls! That makes me feel better already. :biggrin:
  7. I think its definitely alright. Your clothes don't have to all be designer at all!!
    Keep doing what your doing hun.
  8. Definately fine! The other day I was wearing all Target clothes and rocking my epi speedy.
  9. ^^Me too!! :smile:
  10. A designer bag can make non-designer clothes look designer! Even Kate Moss does it!
  11. True!

    Plus so many fashion editors do this too.

    By the way, I don't think Banana Republic with Louis Vuitton looks weird at all! This is di rigueur for so many working women in New York....

    Head-to-toe designer is overrated.
  12. Yikes. I feel poor. I think of Banana Republic as expensive.
  13. LOL Azia, I was thinking the same thing! I thought I read the OP's post incorrectly. I think of "BR, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco" as expensive. Also, "BCBG and Theory and Laundry" aren't mid-level to me. Cheap would be H&M and old navy, which describes me!!! I do have a few designer stuff esp shoes and jeans, but I usually wear my express jeans.
  14. I love finding good stuff at forever 21 and h & m almost as much as buying designer handbags. Alright, it's a far second, but you get the point :P
  15. I always rely on my bag to make my outfit work.
    i'm addicted to yoga pants and my clothes are relatively inexpensive. (aritzia, lulu, club monaco, ella moss, splendid etc) I also have the bag mentality, where nothing is worth the money unless its a bag! I spend all my money on bags! haha