Does a Vernis Cles hold credit cards okay?

  1. I already have a mono Cles and am contemplating a Vernis Cles (love Framboise!). The mono has been great for carrying a few credit cards and my driver's license. Can a Vernis Cles hold similar items? Thanks in advance!
  2. The vernis Cles will absolutely hold a driver's license and a few credit cards. I carry my red one all the time with those items in it.
  3. It holds them fine. The only one I found to be hard to take cards out and get them in is the MC or CB cles.
  4. I have a Vernis pochette clefs and I actually find it to be very tight. It will hold cards, but it'll be hard to get keys/change in and out.
  5. Thanks everyone! I'm only going to use it for cards, so it sounds like it will be perfect for that. Yay!
  6. i've actually been wondering the same thing!
    I just can't decide what color i should go for - Vernis is def. my favorite though
    thanks guys
  7. I've actually been wondering that same thing about Vernis cles!
    I'm so glad someone asked - maybe this will push me quicker towards buying one. The only question is, what color?
    Argh, decisions.:huh:
  8. I have the framboise and almost returned it because once the cards are in, there's little room for anything, let alone a key, especially if you have one of those fat keys or a key plus the remote box...
    I kept it though because it's so pretty LOL.
    And I use it to carry my cards and a folded up $20, plus my house key
  9. The vernis is tighter than the mono or damier. It is just less flexible.
  10. Is the Suhali cles's function similar to the Vernis or Multicolores as in stiffness? I know none of these are no match for the flexibility of the Mono or Damier but the Suhali is so cute!

    Is the suhali cles easy to get in and out of (I will be using it for two cards and a some change)

    Sorry for the thread jack! =)
  11. Poo. The St Louis LV didn't have the Vernis Cles in Framboise, only Noisette. I will not do a light colored Vernis anything -- too much pressure to keep it unspoiled! So I got an Epi Cles in Black with gold hardware instead. The gold hardware is going away, and I know this will go with most of my fall bags, so it was a decent compromise. (Then I bought a Gucci bag on sale at NM, so it looks like a long time before I try to buy the Vernis Cles again! My shopping ban is in tatters, but I must take it up again post haste.)