1. I know that many of the LV and Balenciaga lovers enjoy putting charms and scarves on their bags for decorative purposes...

    What about Spy lovers? Do you put anything on your bag or does she look best bare-naked? :nuts:

    I will be receiving my black Spy next week and am already thinking about how best to wear it... :graucho:

    Only a few more days and I'm a Spy virgin no more... :wlae:
  2. I would not put anything on the Spy as it has so much going on already!! Just my opinion ofcourse!!
  3. Addy, I am not a fan of scarves on bags but this pic I posted in Celebs with Fendi thread doesn't look bad at all!:nuts:

    Rachel Roy SPY.jpg
  4. It's ok but I wouldn't because as Sunshine said, it's got so much going on already ;)
    the bag looks HOT without anything :biggrin:
  5. I accessorize my Coach bags with charms, but I agree with the otherse. This bag already has so much detail with the weaving, I feel any additional embellishment would actually take away from the bag.

    But of course, it will be your baby, and you should do whatever you want to with it. Congratulations again!
  6. I don't mind the ocassional scarf on a spy like the pic Irene posted. That looks casual and inadvertent, like you were wearing or carrying the scarf and decided to take off and carry it on the bag instead.

    But I agree with the others that I wouldn't put any charms or danglies on the Spy.
  7. I decorate my baby spy with a purple fendi Baguette charm/keyring! Thought it brightened it up a little, everyone always comments on it....
    BabySpycharm1.jpg BabySpycharm2.jpg
  8. I think your little charms personalize it with your individual sense of style!

    I think you can get away with embelishments more so on the baby Spy than on the regular size. I think it already has a lot going on with the hidden compartment and tube. At least that's my 2 cents on the topic :smile: !

    BTW, I have been debating on whether or not to purchase a baby spy. I currently own a Cognac Spy in the original size and was wondering if you have any feedback on how you like yours? TIA :yahoo:
  9. ^^;)I have both baby spies and regular spies....the baby spies are so cute and hold a ton of stuff. I find it easier to find things in my baby spy so I use it more than my regular spies....although I do like the fact you can carry the regular spy on your shoulder....I would go for it and get a baby!!
  10. I appreciate the advice! I will be on a quest for my first BABY!!:nuts:

    I will be sure to let you know when I locate one, as I have found them hard to come by!
  11. HandbagAddict, I luv the color of your baby spy. What is it called,if you dont mind me asking ? :shame:
    adorable charm by the way
  12. I habe a lovely fendi wrap chain on mine - will try to find a pic I took of it recently - I love it on there.
  13. Here it is - its not residing on my new petrol spy
  14. patchouli, thank you!;) The colour of my baby spy is honey!

    Sam, your wrap chain is so adorable! where did you get it and what is it called? :love:
  15. :nuts: Looks awesome!