Does a Sidekick fit in the cell pocket??

  1. Does anyone know if a Sidekick II fits in the cell phone pockets of the Saleya?? Or in general, I guess. It fits in the pocket of my Speedy but I know that some bags have specifically designated pockets for cell phones.:smile:
  2. The cell pockets are pretty small, meant for just the tiny flip phones. I don't even think a Razr can fit in it without having to put it diagonally.
  3. Thats what I thought...when I was at the LV store last week, I forgot to try it out:sad: Oh well.

    BTW--I know u go to Fashion Valley...have you ever met an LV SA named Andrew?
  4. Nope :sad:
  5. it doesn't fit...i think the cell pockets are about the same across the bags, and my sk2 doesn't fit in the cell pocket of ANY of my bags.
  6. however, my Razor fits in all be cell phone bags
  7. I might have..what does he look like?
    The only one who's coming to mind right now is one with dark, kind of spiky hair and a little bit of a goatee.
    I could be thinking of the wrong SA though..
  8. Andrew was blonde, tall-ish, Caucasian....very nice!

    He was super helpful and very sweet. :smile:

    My sister and I went into the LV in Neimans and yuck!! Tiny and not the most helpful SAs:shrugs: