Does a regular......

  1. white shirt match with brown shoes??? any opinions would be nice... tia :p
  2. I don't see why it wouldn't.
  3. yes!!
  4. Of course!
  5. totally I wear that combo all the time.
  6. I can't see why not!
  7. A white shirt goes with absolutely anything, this is why all Wardrobe Basics lists usually start with "White Shirt!"
  8. i think so...i sometimes do this combination.
  9. ITA! The only thing is white shirt/black pants for guys. They end up looking like waiters.
  10. Sure! Only I'd keep my accessories in shades that would match the shoes so it'd look more together.
  11. I don't see anything wrong with it
  12. as long as the pants match :smile:
  13. LOL you know that is one of the most basic, and safest looks, another one that appears in every list, every article on the subject of dressing yourself, and it looks great. On other people. For some reason, every time I have tried to do a white top and black pants, or even black skirt, it just feels too uniformy or something, and I end up changing either one or the other, or covering up most of the white top with another layer of something that is neither black nor white!
  14. oh yes, all the time~!
  15. ITA! :yes: