Does a regular sized Nikki in Navy exist...

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  1. Just curious if it does and if anyone on here has one...I would love to see some pics...I so love that color and the Nikki...I have a blue stonewashed on its way, but am worried it will be too light of a blue and too much like a gray..I saw that Luna Boston had the Navy in the mini awhile back..If anyone ever comes across one PLEASE let me know...I so want it!!!
  2. ^Did you send me a PM? I think I might have accidentally deleted it =/

    I myself have never seen a Navy Nikki, only the stonewash blue and Night blue
  3. Do we think we'll be seeing any of that new "Oliver" blue in bags like the Nikki??
  4. ^^I hope so! A navy luxe nikki would be gorgeous!
  5. I've never seen one either. Have seen the mini stonewashed blue nikki.
  6. I would so purchase the NIKKI in a navy if she had it!!!! that would so make my year, seriously you have no idea how much i would love this bag in a Navy Luxe....crossing fingers! to mention,i am digging my Nikki in Night!
  7. Navy Lux in ANYTHING would be awesome quite frankly. ! Navy Lux matinee !
  8. There will be a Navy Luxe Mini Nikki in fall, so i'm sure there should be a regular nikki too! There was NOT one before though. Stonewashed blue, ocean, Night blue.. but no navy. Only seen navy MA's from previous seasons.
  9. :yahoo:This is the best news I've heard all night!!!!!!
  10. Aww DeE! Glad I could bring you some good news! I think me and you have the most similar bag collection, and will both wind up with this Navy Nikki too LOL. Great minds think alike! LOL i wish we lived closer to each other! Then we'd go around town pimpin with our RM bags after a nice white choco mocha KWIM?
  11. What does the Luxe mini nikki look like?

    Also, there was definitely a navy mini nikki, and I think I saw a girl with a navy regular nikki once, but I could have been mistaken.
  12. :hugs: Too true! That would be awesome! Maybe hit up some boutique's as well, KWIM? We'd probably end up buying the same bag all the time!

    OT: But have you ever tried White chocolate chai? :drool: My friend just told me about it....I've added that to my "what's next to try at starbucks list" :P

    Now... :back2topic: A Navy Luxe Nikki.... :graucho: Yumm-O
  13. ^^hmm... i'm indian girl! I drink traditional CHAI every day. Sometimes two or three times a day! I don't know about the white chocolate chai. I like fresh chai latte's, and drinking spiced chai black tea, but i don't know about the white choco chai. Chai is spicy, and sweet spicy mixed doesn't do it for me, KWIM?

    But if we ever hang out, i'll definitely make you the best chai you've ever had! FOR REAL...

    ok sorry ladies to hijack the thread :ninja:
  14. Apologies in advance....

    Desi! Awesome, awesome! I've only recently become addicted to Chai. I have been having this twice a day for the past two weeks!:nuts: Ever since Megs posted about it. I had to try, and now I'm hooked! Ooohhh.... I might take you up on that offer!!! :flowers:

    ok, ok... sorry again ladies.... :back2topic:
    I would love a Nikki in Iris with purple lizard.... Oh dear lord in heaven... that would be a gift sent from above!!! :angel:
  15. Wow, a Navy Nikki sounds deelish!! I haven't seen the color Navy on any bag..can anyone direct me to a link with a photo of one? Which season was it from? I only know of the Night Blue & Ocean...