Does a purple bag go with everything?

  1. Help. I am on the wait list for a purple BE LMM and I'm starting to have second thoughts. I think it's more that I'm paying the most ever for a "purple" purse. I ran across an article about a "turquoise" bag and why would you buy if you didn't have enough outfits to go with it so that got me to thinking about my purple bag. I was planning on using it mainly for work and wasn't going to worry about whether it matched but now I'm not so sure. The BE LMM purple is very vivid but I'm liking the purple color of the Midday Midnight Saint-Germain Crazy Bag too. I'm just not sure of the fashion etiquette. Also, I can only afford one bag especially if I go with purple so how do you decide?
  2. I think a bright color can go with anything, I wear pretty much only black white and grey so I can always wear a color, but on the rare occasions I wear something in the brown family the same bags still work. I am not a fan of purple - its actually my least favorite color - but I am in love with the Morgan Oakley Baby Ditch in Purple. According to some other TPFers, its goes with pretty much anything. I wouldn't worry about it! Get what you love!
  3. To me it does!
  4. i dunno about everything...but i think it does go well with a lot of depends on the shade and tone i guess
  5. Just a heads up on the lmm in purple. The gold hardware is really GOLD. If that doesn't bother you I say go for it. The purple is TDF. I love it.
  6. ^^ I prefer gold hardware over silver hardware. It looks a little more classy to me. Most of the bags I see nowadays have silver. It gets old. But I think the purple will def go with alot of your wardrobe :smile:
  7. Purple looks great with jeans and black, white, chocolate and grey clothes. It's quite versatile IMO:yes: ...and I am loving my Chloe Bay in Violet Patent :love:
  8. I love purple and you should be fine with the rest of your wardrobe.
  9. A statement bag doesn't need to match! Wear it and be fierce!

    Oh, and make sure we get to see when it comes in :smile:

    About only being able to afford one bag: some people will go for the bag that matches everything, others will go with the bag that's going to make them happy every time they wear it, even if it may not seem as "practical". Just do what makes you happy, it's a need to be serious!
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  10. Was wondering about how shiny the purse is. It looks really shiny in the photos and I've alway preferred a more matte appearance. Since you have the bag, is it really as shiny as it looks?
  11. I have a violet balenciaga and I have no problem matching with everything!:yes:
  12. It will be very versatile and go with more than you think!
  13. It is semi shiny. Not patent shiny but it does have a bit of shine to it. It is a gorgeous bag and the leather is very luscious. It is a small/medium bag. It has 2 open sections and is divided by a zippered pouch. Hths.
  14. I love purple, I have a couple and they go with just about anything. I think it really spices up basic black and white, and neutrals. I'd say "go for it"
  15. Depends on the color purple. If it a light purple, it will not go with as much. A deeper hue will work better. I feel that shoes are better to branch out into vivid colors with as they are less of an investment. Colors will not carry well from season to season. Also if you look at a lot of the spreads in the fashion magazines, a lot of them are showing a neutral bag with bright colored shoes.