Does a perforated black jumbo exist?

  1. I actually love the perforated leather because it would match the inside of my car :smile:

    Does anyone know if a Black Jumbo Perforated Leather bag exists? if so, does anyone have a style number? TIA!
  2. Never mind... I've decided against it, thanks anyways!
  3. In the event you change your mind, I saw one at NM Las Vegas recently.
  4. Did you decide to get something else instead?
  5. I think I decided just to get the regular caviar jumbo... I love the perforated look but have not seen this bag IRL, so have no idea if it'll look weird... and couldn't find a picture in black anywhere? I wish that it had black behind the holes instead of white (which I think it does) so that the holes would be more subtle...