Does a new purchase ever make you depressed?

  1. Hi everyone.. I'm not talking about cognitive dissonance (buyer's remorse).. I mean.. have you ever contemplated about a purchase and then just have everyone yell at you so much that even thinking of the wanted item makes you sad??

    Heres the deal. I had wanted to purchase the Epi Jasmin since the beginning of this year, and I've actually posted several threads about it. When my mom and I had gone to Vuitton to check out my Trouville back in January (it was a birthday present from my bf) my mom had indicated that she had liked the bag alot. Ever since then I had been thinking about purchasing it so that we could 'share' the bag. About a month ago, I had shown her the red Jasmin and she had stated that she liked it better than the black, so I thought, OK, the red one it is! Since that time, I've acquired 3 more Vuitton pieces, purchasing them first since they are all discontinued. Also, keep in mind that my mom has never owned an expensive bag other than the Coach that I bought her 2 years ago that has maybe seen the light of day 2 times. She doesn't understand why I like Vuittons and thinks I'm wasting my money. She also said that I have 'enough' and shouldn't buy anymore when I asked her if she would still want to 'share' the Jasmin when I buy it. And that Vuitton will have new bags all the time and that it's ridiculous to keep buying it and so on and so forth. So at this point, I'm already a little sad.

    So I ask the bf, what does he think. And he tells me that the red color is is awful (I won't say the exact word he used, you guys will totally dislike him) and that it won't match anything and that it's just an expensive flat bag with lines on it. The only different about it is that it's from Louis Vuitton. Please note that he also doesn't understand bags.. he thinks that 2 Vuittons are enough and that I'm already going overboard.

    And now I'm depressed as hell and I don't even know about the Jasmin anymore. *sigh* :crybaby:No one I know really understands the love for Vuitton except this forum. :sad:
  2. If you are buying it with you own hard-earned cash who cares what anyone says? I buy my own LV's mostly and DH has learnt not to bother with it - trust me, he will tell me when he thinks its fugly (which is more often than not :lol:). I say go for the Jasmin :angel:
  3. [​IMG]...I know how you feel. My DH is the most opinionated person I know, he loves to give his 2 cents on everything eventhough I didn't ask him. If I showed the pics from Eluxury, he will say every bags are ugly. I have to show him how it likes whe someone carry it (thanks to visuals) I have to drag him to the store. He needs to see it in person...

    I have been thinking about Jasmin bag but I think I will settle with speedy soon..

    He's only a BF...don't let his every opinion ruin you..after all he's a guy..what he knows about bags anyway..
  4. Oh I am sorry!!! I think you should not take your boyfriend's opinion into consideration, because pretty much guys don't know anything about handbags! Second, if you are buying the Jasmin with your own money, who gives what other people have to say! Don't feel sad!
  5. Aww...yeah sometimes, its such a downer when the people you care about don't share the same excitement, and even say downer things about your new bag :crybaby:people just don't understand...that's why you have the lovely tPF! come here and get all the bag love you want! :flowers:
  6. i know exactly how you feel! my mum is the same (with the coach thing as well lol) she doesnt understand lv, she never will or on the flip side we are too insanely obssessed (did you ever think about it like that?) I have 1 bag some accessories (and something on its way youll find out soon enought lol) Im 17 and my parents still i guess have control over me and my purchases and they dont want me to buy any more! they are right though i cant spend every ime i make on lv even though it is so sooooo addictive. I recently ordered a lv coral pendant, which i am lusting over but i dotn want my parents to find out, i already have plans to cover up the purchase and only wear it when they wont see! its insane but i know exactly how you feel! sorry for the rant it good that i can find someone that i can see to eye to eye
  7. When I buy something I end up being broke after so I feel all down but still happy I got something I worked hard for... then I save up again, then feel good that I have $ and then blow it... its a cycle lol
  8. I'm sorry that your mom and bf are ruining your fun. If you are paying for these bags with your money that it is really none of their business what you buy!
  9. If it's your own money, why feel bad? :idea: I buy my bags with my own money so I never feel bad about them. The only time I kinda did was when I made my Speedy 40 purchase. That was a huge amount of $ for me to drop on a bag. I kept it and BF got me the 35 for everyday use and I love it. But I stopped. Cause right now I don't have the $ to just buy a bag that costs that much.

    If you love it, go for it. If it's going to make you depressed, don't. I was so close to buying a Vernis Houston back in April and I was torn cause I felt bad even before I had it. I didn't get it and I'm happy where I am now.
  10. Aw, I am really sorry to hear this!

    You said your mom has never owned an expensive bag, so she probably doesn't understand why you'd pay $$$ for a handbag. Try not to let her words get to you, she is just stating her opinion but she doesn't get it!

    And I can tell you that your bf is wrong, the red epi is BEAUTIFUL and goes with a ton of colors!

  11. Awwww...... kinda like me....When I first got into LVs I didn't tell my parents about the price of my first bag (only about 800$CAD now) until a year I knew they'd freak out and my mom actually said: "I know it's expensive, but I don't want a heart attack at this age. So DO NOT tell me how much you spent!!!" Then after my parents eased up a lil and told me to buy whatever it is that makes me happy. However...I recently got another scholarship and wanted to use some of it, not all, to buy another bag...
    So my parents and I just had a really big fight over my LV addiction a week ago, but after I poured my heart out telling my mom *WHY* I like them so much (more personal than just an addiction), my parents now kinda understand (or at least my mom does) and let's me be.

    SOOOOOOO.....what i'm trying to say is that, sit down with yer mom, and tell her WHY and HOW MUCH LV means to you and most mothers will understand and let you buy whatever it is that will make her daughter happy....( have no reason....and just wanna "show off".....then you probably should listen to you mom)......
  12. if you have more than enough money for a life time why not spend it?
  13. i think the key here is to remember that boys and men (generally speaking) know absolutely nothing about fashion.. and if it were upto them to dress us we would be walking around looking like wh*res :lol: :lol:

  14. I love the red jasmin and think it's gorgeous! My DH told me that my baggy pm looked like it was a pair of jeans full of poop, which made me think about returning it. In the end, though, I decided that I liked the purse and if he doesn't, so be it. If you like the jasmine, keep it! Don't let him get you down.
  15. ^ im sorry MZVTEC, I know you are speaking from a general point (and you are right) but i'm a guy (and ther are others here) and i want to be a fashion designer one day, i get vogue, W and Bazzar every month and follow fashion very closely (it is my life) and i think if i dressed you you wouldnt look like a wh*re lol. i just wanted a little rant, i hate it how people generalize that men have no fashion taste, when really there are alot of male designers out there and they design the clothes you wear! btw LV was a guy, what board is this posted on? (had to throw that one it lol) I forgive you MZVTEC iI know exactly where your coming from :flowers: its just a soft spot for me lol