Does a money order have to me in my name?

  1. I just got a money order for something I sold on eBay. The seller made it out to my eBay name instead of my actul name - can I cash it?
    (for example it's made out to "Sellstuffonebay" instead of "Jane Doe")
    She bought it at Safeway - so I assume it's a money order I can cash at my bank.
    Thanks =)
  2. It should be in your real name. Bring a copy of your eBay account summary showing your seller's I.D. and your name and address, etc, if being asked when you deposite the MO. A print out of the auction will not hurt either because it proves the MO matches the auction's final price.
  3. Be super careful that it is real.You can deposit i in your bank as real, they will say funds cleared, and then 6 weeks later your bank can tells you it's fake (sucking the funds right out of your account. That is why you need to tell buyer to send only USPS money order. Someone correct me if I am wrong here?
  4. There can be fakes? Yikes.
    This one has a cool 'thermochromatic authentication' circle. It's a little pink dot and when you rub it it turns white - ooh aah.

    Thanks for the tips bebear. One little problem though - I just changed my ebay name and this one has my old one on it. Maybe the original transaction record will have my old one?
    My ebay store name is the same though so I'll print all that out.

    I usually do ask for USPS ones - I don't know where my head was!
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think unless your eBay name is the same as your registered business name, you may not be able to cash it. However, you never know. I would just go back to the buyer, send her back her money order, and she should still have the MO stub, at which point she can bring it back to Safeway and cash. I have done this with a Safeway MO, so I know this will work. However, if she doesn't have the original stub that is attached to the MO, then she is screwed.

    Because I honestly think if you're unable to cash this (which you may not be able to do), why should you have to go through the hassle? Just explain the situation to her, send it back to her, and tell her to next time a.) put your REAL name on the MO, and b.) get a USPS money order.

    I hope this helps.
  6. I think I'm going to go to the bank and just see if they will do it for me - if not then I'll send it back.
    Why would she not put my real name on though? Weird.

    My last name is STREET though so maybe she thought I lived on 'Nyria Street' ;)
  7. Honestly, I would just put the money order through. I had this happen to me and just whited-out the incorrect name and written in my name and still had no problem cashing it. If you are that worried, Safeway will cash the money order for you, or you can take it to a check cashing place.
  8. OMG, that is hilarious! Maybe not....