does a missing paddy key put people off?

  1. hi all,
    as some of you know i recently bought a chloe mousse paddy but it had a missing key, i got it for £199 so it was a complete bargin.
    ive been offered a jeans moyen paddy which is something ive always wanted. the two colours are very similar do you think i should sell my mousse?
    the mousse is brand new ive had it about a week, but do you think i would be able to sell it with out the key, it didnt put me off so much but obviously it might effect its sale.
    if i was to sell it how much do you think i should expect? i have contacted chloe for a key but they are yet to get back to me.
    please help.........
  2. You could sell it without a key but chloe's have been going cheaply lately so you might expect about 250-300 pounds?