Does a fake Hermes make you depressed???

  1. i just went through a site ebid .uk and it really made me feel depressed:sad: and sad and upset and :cursing: ,I cant imagine that we spend so much time looking ,studying and saving our time and money and there are so many fakes in the market .I guess i feel it all the more with Hermes ,because i collect bags and each takes so much time and love and hermes is especially very dear to my heart .
    just my ranting ......
  2. Ioffer and Yahoo auction are full of fakes too :s
  3. Anything fake makes me sad.:sad:
  4. It would only make me depressed if I owned it.
  5. I would be depressed alright, (not to mention livid) if I paid thousands only to discover the item was fake :cursing:
  6. I hate fakes, too. And what makes me even madder is people who don't mind owning them. There is a woman on another forum (not purses) I belong to who said that she has been "collecting" fakes for about 20 years!! WTF!?!

    Anyway, I got rid of my LV Speedy and Chanel bag because of all the fakes out there and I think people thought mine were fake, too. Strangers would come up to me and ask where I got my bag. It just made me so mad to see my same bag faked ....
  7. Fakes themselves don't bother me, it's what the stand for that does.... child labour, terrorism, illegal activity etc. I am always amazed how some people are willing to support this when they knowingly buy these products. I do understand that most people purchase them unwittingly. There are so many legal alternatives..... the whole inspired bag market. It's a viable alternative for those who like the look of designer goods but do not have the funds to buy expensive products.
  8. It goes to show the Hermes buyer has to be really informed and armed with accurate information when buying Hermes outside of the boutiques. I suppose there are two types of buyers for these bags -- one is paying for a bag they covet but can never afford, and the other one (unfortunately) being misled out of their money thinking they are buying genuine. I don't have as much problem with the former as I do with the latter, tho that's just my own brand of logic.

    I assume you have Hermes; be happy you are owning the real thing :smile:
  9. i guess when u see a woman who carries a birkin ,u think she has lots of money and style only to realize that it is fake .sometimes even if u carry the real thing people assume it is fake that really puts me offf
  10. I was duped on eBay. I paid top dollar for a fake Birkin years ago. The feeling of violation and humiliation and sheer rage that it brought was unforgetable. Now when I see a fake I sometimes wonder if maybe the poor soul doesn't even know. At the time I bought it I had never even seen a Birkin IRL, so the mistake although very stupid to make, seemed unavoidable. Thanks to this forum I think more people are knowing what to look for.

    But yes - fakes and the deceit that comes with it is very depressing.
  11. depressed, no, but very angry when it amounts to fraud.:cursing: there is a part of me that thinks that someone who can't afford a birkin (and that's the vast majority of the world) but loves the style should be allowed to carry an "inspired by" bag. but then there are the people (like poor gazoo -- i'm so sorry!) who get taken by crooks and that is just wrong wrong wrong. i recently read a thread in the eBay forum where someone bought a fake (gucci i think) but the seller allowed her to return it for a full refund and the buyer agonized over whether she should leave negative feedback since the seller had been so accommodating with the return. and i was like, no way! no one, no matter how *nice*, should be allowed to get away with passing off fakes for authentic items. i don't care if others think my bags are fake -- if they do they're fools and i know they're real which is all that matters.
  12. yes very true ,but just imagine --a posh dressed lady with a fake bag ,and u think it to be real and on the other hand u dresss so casually and carry the real stuff and people think it to be fake ,so many fakes now look exact replicas and only the one who can tell the difference will know ,but the vast majority are illiterate about it
  13. I feel the same as kicks. I hate that others are profiting from fraud while also injuring those who believe/are told they are buying authentic. But as far as the bag I'm carrying, what others think is not why I carry it, so I don't care what they think.
  14. Actually depressed is the right word for my feeling about this, at least with regard to Hermes. I have an extreme issue with fakes to begin with for many, many reasons which I won't bother going into here (primarily speaking of replicas rather than inspired-by bags which are clearly not authentic), but for some reason even knowing there are fake Hermes bags out there makes me sad.

    It has to do with how beautiful and special each one is - the quality and care that goes into them: those of us who love and appreciate their qualities can go on and on about them for hours. Contrast that with a fake of a "normal" designer bag which, even if expensive, is just a totally different animal, and that makes me really sad. In a way (at least to me), it kind of detracts from their uniqueness and I think that's depressing to anyone who loves them.
  15. I feel it has more to do with intent. If a person knowingly buys a fake because they can't afford the real thing, I don't condone it, but I'm not going to flame them. I personally choose not to do it, but I am in the lucky position that I can afford to buy the one I want. I think very few of us compared to # of women in the world actually can afford to. I do condemn people who manufacture and sell fakes as authentic just to make a buck. That's just wrong, and stealing (a copyright).