Does a Dior Handbag Comes with a Box?

  1. I'm just wondering.. Because Chanel and Louis Vuittons usually have a box included. Does this makes Dior too? Please help me. Thanks!
  2. yup, it does. in a beautiful white box with grey "Dior" printed on it, just like their paperbags. ;)
  3. Oh ic... Thanks for the info! One more question... I got my handbag repaired.. But it has no box.. Can I ask for a box??
  4. hmmm i should think it's possible to get a box. i've never asked, but when i bought my wallet from dior and it didn't come with the authenticity card, i rang them up and asked for it and they sent one to me. so i should think that if you asked them for a box, they'd give you one. :yes:
  5. If you check out my thread "I got it" on this page, you'll see the box it comes with. :smile: it comes with box, dust bag, tissue paper, everything, including a pretty white satin ribbon with Dior written on it.
  6. I am alittle confused. I have always purchased my dior from boutique in Beverly hills, Las Vegas and also Beverly Shopping center and I have never gotten a box??!!~

    I just assumed they never had boxes since they always just tie all the ribbons on the handle of my paper bag

    I WANT THOSE BOXES, they are so pretty, darn it!!
  7. ^ maybe you have to tell them it's a gift to coerce them into boxing it up for you. :confused1:

    when i got my gold gaucho, it came in a box with ribbons, tissues, paperbag with more ribbons, the whole works. that was in singapore's dior though.
    but when i bought my lady dior wallet in manchester, it came in a box too (albeit an ill-fitting box) but still a box. the funny thing though was the SA asked me "is it a gift" and i said 'no' (because i was in a hurry and i thought she'd just pop it in a bag for me if i said it wasn't a gift), but she went to the backroom and boxed it (sans ribbon though).

    i reckon you should just demand for the boxes, or be really coy and say it's a gift and you'd like it in a box with ribbons and all. hehehe. though nothing beats the chanel one though - ribbons, camellia flower and all. it's pretty beautiful. (sorry dior!)

  8. I totally agree with the Chanel box being way prettier with the camellia~~ Sometimes I am so in love with the wrapping I dont even want to open it.

    One thing though, when I said that I didnt get any box, I meant the box for an acutal purse (like lady dior). I never gotten any for the actual purse.

    They have always given me the box for the gift certificate, jewelery and wallet and even a tiny box for small cellphone lanyard or pin.

    But I never knew bigger dior purse has boxes! Can anyone shopping in the US confirm this for me please, do I have to ask for the bigger boxes? or why is it they never offered one?~:wtf:
  9. I also shop at outlets. And I hate dior's outlet's paper bag, those are made of such flimsy material, not as if they would save that much from switching the boutique paper bag to cheaper outlet paperbag. When I went to NY's Chanel outlet, their paper bag is way nicer
  10. ^ ITA with you about the outlet shopping bags! i've seen them on eBay auction and they look REALLY cheap!

    as for boxes for actual purses/bags, yup, they do, my gaucho came in this HUGGGEEEE BOX and the SA tied it with the thick dior ribbons (like the ones they tie on the handles to the paperbag). babydoll chanel's thread also has the huge dior box for her diorissimo hobo. i would think that the diors in US should offer those boxes, especially since babydoll chanel got hers from the UK and i got my gaucho from asia, i'd expect the US diors to have them too. :confused1:

    i'm definitely going to ask the SAs at dior tomorrow when i stop by for a visit. that said, i sent my gaucho to be fixed by dior, and they returned it to me in a dior paperbag, no extra box for it. hehe, i wish they did so it'd give me an extra box for my other diors.
  11. Thanks everyone! Great help. I will definitely ask for a box when I get back there today. :biggrin:
  12. I know, they are very luxe and part of the experience of buying from Dior. :yes: If I'm not mistaken, sale items do not come in boxes. However, all of my other bags have been nicely wrapped in the Dior box (great for storing dustbags with your handbag in it) except for the latest one that I bought. The only reason why that one was not boxed is because they had no boxes available...The choice of bags were limited also as it was just after Christmas (yes, it has been that long! :crybaby: ). My SA said to just pop in the next time I was in the mall and pick one up...I never got around to it though. I use this particular bag a lot (the Dior Lovely bag) and find its just easier to quickly store it in its dust bag on a shelf when I use another bag. I feel that the box is necessary for my Lady Dior however...Partly because its more pricey and my favorite piece and also since I don't use it as often and want it to remain in perfect condition while being stored. That's kinda weird that they don't automatically box it for you. If you have a regular SA, perhaps you could just mention that you'd love to have your bags boxed as it would be easier for you to store them when not in use...I would think they should be more than happy to accomodate you, especially as a regular client. :yes:
  13. Thanks a lot for answering, glamourgirlpink.
    I guess US boutiques also has boxes. :smash: I should really have a regular SA!!! I never wanted a regular SA, I hate SA trailing me in the store. I am the type that I did my research on what I like, goes in and purchase it in less than a minute.

    Now I want all my boxes, I guess I would explain to my regular SA ( once I find one and build a few purchases:supacool: ) the situation and hopefully she can do something about my previous purchases.

    Man, I always answered it's just for myself when they ask if it's a gift. I should have thought that question was important!! and given that dior box every single thing including a super tiny lanyards, I should have acted much earlier.

    Thanks for clearing my doubt about US boutiques giving boxes too!
  14. I think next time if you purchase a bag at the boutique and ask for an extra box, they may give you a box in order to make a sale. So this can be an excuse to break your purse ban or buy more purses :smile:
  15. thanks.. great advice! I hate mingling with SAs, guess I dont want to be faced with their calls or suggestions. I like to make my own choice without pressure. That's a great idea, Kimle888, if I ask an extra box each time, I would have my boxes, yeah~ beats than having a regular SA for sure.