does a chevre Bolide always show a spine?

  1. I ask because I assumed so, yet this eBay auction indicates the Bolide (gorgeous!) is chevre mysore and I don't see a spine - 220097450237.

    Those of you with your stunning chevre Bolides, do yours have a spine in the grain or are they just the plain symmetrical small flat grain?

  2. i saw a 27 irl with a definite spine.
    but chevre mysore and chevre coromandel (sp?) ... one has a more pronounced spine than the other i believe.
  3. Thanks, HH!

    I know the auction pics are funny, but I don't see a spine...
  4. someone will come soon with more info for us. lol
    honestly, i can't tell from those pics, but i do believe what i said was accurate about the 2 different chevres...
    let's wait and see (one thing is true, color really pops on chevre, wowee)
  5. If I remember correctly, I think chevre mysore shows less spine. I'm no expert so pls the experts correct me if I am wrong.
  6. HH and Tamarind, you are both correct. CDC has the more distinct spine.
  7. ^^^Thanks guys. But does anyone out there have a chevre Bolide that doesn't show any hint of a spine?
  8. Chevre de Coromandel has a very distinct marking, the spine of the goat, along the centre. With most bags, the spine runs from the front, underside and rear of the bag. in the case of Birkin and Kelly Bags, the front flap will feature the spine as well.

    Chevre Mysore has no spinal markings. Both are goatskin, very hardy, incredibly light, do not scratch easily but not easy to refurbish when there is damage. In the case of Coromandel, drops of water have to be quickly removed as they can collect in the grain of the spine and sit there.

    Scuffing at corners is a problem with bags made in this leather.
  9. Eric, thanks! I suspected that about chevre mysore.....thanks very much for confirming it. :heart:
  10. I have a 31 chevre mysore Bolide, and you can def. see the spine. Not as much as my coromandel Kelly, though.
  11. Here's a shot,'s not a great pic, but in 'real life', the spine is more apparent. But like I said, in my CDC, it's MUCH more prominent.
  12. Thanks very much, GF - there is definitely a spine...

    Your Libres scarf is so pretty on your GORGEOUS Bolide!

    Does the spine always appear? I wonder if it's like fjord Bolide has no veins, but some fjord shows veins (or so I've been told).
  13. I'm sure some have less of a spine to them...I've not looked too closely at mysore bags to notice.

    You want to know the funny thing? The libres scarf on the bolide in real life is so similar in colour, but in my crappy photo, it looks quite grey! LOL! I do love it, though.

    So I take it you don't like the spine? Perhaps have a hunt around for a bag with less spine? I'm not sure how you'll go, but it's worth a try!
  14. The grains in chevre mysore are definitely smaller and in a bag, looks more delicate. And more even than the grains on CDC. As for the spine, also less visible.
  15. Gosh, I don't see it! I don't see anything "spiny" about my little Bolide but perhaps I don't know what to look for? I don't see the spine in GF's pic. What should I be looking for?