Does a Cherry Fendi Spy exist?

  1. I've seen pics of one, but did Fendi really make one?

    It was really pretty, regardless.
  2. i've never seen onee..
    do you mean cherry prints??:blink:
  3. No, it was a very pretty burgundy/reddish cherry wood.
  4. Yes, it was produced by Fendi in FW 05, and made in the medium spy, hobo, and baby fendi spy styles. Victoria Beckham has been photographed with one.
  5. I only saw one on eBay, but from the photos I saw, it was gorgeous! :love:
  6. Yep. Really nice. I saw it too. Not in person but online
  7. I have never seen one IRL either, but Victoria Beckham's sure look beautiful!
  8. Is this the color you are talking about:
    [​IMG] <---Click to get HQ pic.

  9. If anyone knows of a dept store or fendi boutique that still has this bag LET ME KNOW!!!!!

    I love it. :nuts:
  10. I am going back to the store this weekend and will take a look for you. The color is truly beautiful!!! I hope you find it!
    Here is another pic of it from a dif. angle! I LOVE the color of the handles!!!
  11. A Sales Associate at Fendi told me today that the burgundy spy was only produced in Europe :rant: :censor:

    Oh well.

    Its a pretty bag though :lol:
  12. On a related note, did Fendi make a bright red Spy? Possibly in croc? I just saw someone with a red Spy in crocodile-like leather..and judging from the rest of her outfit which was impeccable, I'd think that she wouldn't carry a knockoff. She was in a hurry so I didn't stop her to ask.
  13. ^^ No, unless it was a special order by a FENDI VIP customer. The only FENDI "mass produced" (i.e., not customed ordered) crocodile spys came in light pink, and blue.
  14. Wow. I didn't know that. I've never seen a pink spy before though, except for fakes on ebay.
  15. A good friend of mine from tfs compiled a pictorial guide of all the fendi spys produced (minus the custom order spys for VIPs):
    It's a great reference!