Does a chanel boutique post overseas?

  1. My lovely sunny country (Australia) is not getting the 2006 reissues in this year as we are so far away from the rest of the world! Very upsetting as I finally made up my mind that I would go the medium black 2006 instead of the grey 2005 reissue.

    Really would like it in the next couple of months, so does anyone know if Chanel would take a credit card payment and send a bag over to Oz?
    I guess there would be no chance of getting them to put a lower value on the package to avoid cumstoms (like Ebay sellers do) huh?

    Any suggestions???
  2. In some store they can help you with that.
    But I believe they will not declare lower value or mark as a gift for you
    in order to avoid custom fees.

    I think the shipping to australia will be about 120-150 no sales tax
    because ship out of country.
  3. i have one shipped from US to canada and costed me 100 dollars in shipping. I hope this is helpful to you.
  4. thanks for this- so does that amount include customs expenses?
  5. hey ya!
    you should asked if the Chanel Store could get one in esp. for you? you know, like do a special customer order or something?
    good luck! :smile:
  6. that's an idea- but they told me they are not getting them this year so they probably wouldn't do that as everyone would want to do it!
  7. Did you try the stores in Sydney or Melbourne? Which colour reissue are you after? There's a store here in The Hague (not a Chanel store, but an authorised seller) that has the black with gold hardware. Maybe they will let you pay for it over the phone and if they won't send it I can post it for you?

    OK, that just sounds creepy, makes me sound like a looney (but I'm an Aussie, if that helps!).
  8. Just thinking, if you did it through someone the sales tax wouldn't be removed - as it probably would if the boutique sent it out KWIM? You don't want to be paying VAT and GST on a Chanel. Just a thought.
  9. I have had it done before, and there is no sales tax out of France. however, when the bag reached the country, you will have to pay import tax. You need to find out how much tax in your country is. I paid $400 for my $2000 purchase. The boutique will not mark it as "gift" to you as it is illegal to underdeclare sales value.
  10. Thanks Cal for your lovely offer, but I really want the new black with silver hardware. (or grey if I can't get the new black)

    Tammy it may be btter just to pay the sales tax (get someone to buy it for me) and send it over as a gift under 500 to avoid luxury good import tax (as Ebayers do). I'll find out the exact amount of import tax before I make a decision I think. What is the sales tax on a Chanel bag from Paris?
  11. OK, I just called Australia customs and and the import tax on a Chanel bag = 5% import duty + 10% GST (on the good, the duty and freight)

    So for a bag that's $US1800 (which is what I would pay, as no US tax), it will cost me about $Aust370 for customs.

    That's about an extra $Aust150 for the safety of getting it from a boutique.

    What do you think?
  12. just bumping up an old thread, any other experiences on this as i am about to do the same thing? :smile: