Does a BV Agenda exist now?

  1. Hi there,

    Long-time lurker and today I decided that I need a new agenda and I'm wondering if Bottega makes one out of the woven leather?

    I went to the BV website and didn't see any, I did a search in the forum and didn't find anything, and then (I know - I must be crazy) I manually went through every page of this forum back to even before the BV subforum existed and the only thing I saw was that someone had a BV agenda from back in 1982.

    So I know they existed at some point... does anyone know whether they exist now and readily available at BV stores or department stores?

    Any information would be helpful - thanks! I'm currently using a LV koala agenda, but I'm wanting to find an agenda that doesn't have hardware on the outside so it won't cause wear & tear on other items bopping around inside a handbag nor to the interior of the purse.

    Thanks again!
  2. Hi jadecee! I was just thinking about this yesterday. I really need a new agenda and realized I have never seen a BV agenda. Has anyone else?
  3. Unfortunately, I`m pretty sure they don`t carry any- would love one, too!
  4. u can special order them
  5. ^Really? That`s good news!
  6. Agreed! That IS good news!

    I'm entered a mode where I'm looking for subtle elegance and BV is the epitome of that!
  7. shaim, do tell!
  8. That would be so pretty! Esp in ebano. I have a small LV koala agenda and a medium chocolate guccissima Gucci agenda. I haven't found a use for the Gucci one yet though... had it for a year! It's so lovely though, I can't get rid of it.
  9. If a BV agenda does exists, I'll ditch my Palm PDA for it!!! Really. (going to make a call now and see if they have one in Singapore........

    Yes, yes..... the boutique has it - brief description given "about A5-size, lambskin intrecciato woven, comes in Noce or Ebano, price is about S$1200 (US$800)..."

    ..... geez, I'm now seriously thinking if I should go back to non-techy so that I can have this ??!!
  10. Hi mlbags, do they carry it in the boutique (did you call the Paragon or Takashimaya boutique?) or they can order it for you?

    Please advise as I am going to be in Singapore next week!

  11. I called the boutique in Takashimaya and the stock is there - at least I assume it would be as the SA put me on hold to check on the price and colours..... best to give them a call and see if they can hold it for you without obligation. The tel number : +65 6738 2380. If I'm anywhere nearby these couple of days(which I doubt I would be), I would personally take a look and report back to you.

    Meanwhile, if you need me to get more information for you over the phone, let me know. Cheers,
  12. Thanks mlbags,

    I will go to the boutique and check it out.

    Just bought a Hermes agenda to go with my newly purchased Birkin so I will have to justify another agenda purchase... (all my appointments are in my PDA that I don't even use paper agenda) :smile:
  13. Eh...? So, you use a PDA.... right, then what and how do you use your Hermes agenda for??? :p
  14. I was just in BV Chicago yesterday, and was shown a small datebook / agenda. It's pretty compact (a bit smaller than an average woman's hand), and it's refillable (but the refills cost 80 dollars!). It comes in ebano and nero, I think.
    It really "whispers" understated elegance!
  15. Saw the ebano in London last year (just under £600) and it was gorgeous. Still, I kinda have my heart set on an Hermes agenda. Good luck.