Does a bunch of new items come out AFTER PCE?

  1. I have my first card and cannot really find anything I like.
    I really love the new clay color and would love it in the Legacy swingpack but not with that ugly white strap.
    I am wondering if all the good stuff comes out after the PCE.
  2. The PCE does seem to be clearing out the bags for the late fall/winter collection to come in. The Bleeker collection is coming out soon.
  3. As best as I can tell the PCE is to sell the bags that are currently out just before the new lines are launched. The Bleecker stuff should be out next week, just as PCE ends.
  4. Oh, and there are more bags available than what is in your store. All stores don't receive all bags in. You can look online and see if you like one and go into the store and order it. You still get the discount and the bag can come straight to your house.
  5. I think they have a sale of their summer items shortly (1-2 wks) after PCE. It happened after the last 2 PCEs.
  6. You can order some bags that come out later this month..I am going to order a Carly in khaki/chili. Its not in the store yet or online but I can get it from the catalog and it will come the end of the month