Does a Bloomingdale's employee discount work in LV boutique?

  1. hi everyone!

    i was wondering whether a Bloomingdales employee discount (20%) would be applicable to LV merchandise ... i heard there is a LV boutique at the NY Bloomingdales :heart: , and my mom gets their employee discount...
    also, if Bloomies DOES have an LV boutique, has anyone been there? do they only have a few pieces/is there only select merchandise..

    thanks for your help.....

    i really hope the discount applies :yes: !!!
  2. I don't think so. LV just leases the space from Bloomies and is not a part of the store.:sad:
  3. *sigh* i thought so...

    too good to be true :sad:
  4. Unfortunately, I don't think you can use the discount as it is not actually a part of Bloomies :sad:
  5. Saks employees get 30% off their store AND LV goods...
  6. damn -maybe i should work part-time at Saks this semester!
  7. I don't know for NYC but for example in Paris at the Bon marche (kind of galerie lafayette type) emloye don't get the store discount at the bon marche lv store.
  8. My friend's dad works at Bloomingdale's and they use their employee discount at the one in New York for Louis Vuitton all the time!
  9. Good to know! I should befriend an employee @ one of those stores then!!!:nuts:
  10. omg seriously! hell yeah im gonna go there after work and check it out! i wonder if i can return my (still-in-the-box/unused) speedy and re-buy it with the discount....!?
  11. That's very good news
  12. When I worked for federated years ago, the way it worked was that we had to use our store card and the discount came "back of house" which meant you would get a normal receipt that looked like you paid full price but my 20% discount came off my credit card statement....That was with Macy's, not sure if anything has changed but that was about 5 years ago......I've also done makeup artist work at various other retailers like Saks and Neiman and the girls always told me they could get their discount on Louis, I was sooooo tempted one time, if I had cash I could have gotten a really good deal, one employee offered me (I was a vendor so no discount for me)her discount, but I didn't want her to get in trouble for any reason, it wasn't worth risking her job.......
  13. I'm tempted to get a part time job @ a Macy's again or something just so I can get the discount!!!
  14. ok wait im confused! i just called the LV dept at the NY Bloomingdales store and asked-they said it didnt apply??? wtf im sooo confused
  15. I dunno, they may have changed it, but I know I got it back then