Does a bag have to be expensive to be exclusive?

  1. Is a bag exclusive because it is very expensive and therefore few can afford it OR is it because of a bags rarity that it is expensive? :confused1:
  2. No. In fact, some of my beloved one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered Arm Art is very exclusive, even if its exclusivity is sort of de facto, people may not know about it, but even if they did, because there are going to be a limited number of artists in a very tiny village, and it really is all done by hand, "production" would be limited, even if the whole world were clamoring at the village gate!

    And if you wanted to be snobby about it, and I really try not to be, you could argue that a mass-produced bag with a lot of zeros on the price tag is actually less exclusive...
  3. The laws of supply and demand dictate that rarity would cause an item to be expensive, IF there's a demand of course.
  4. :yes:
  5. well said
  6. I agree.
  7. I don't know. I think it's more towards rarity, as long as the price is right. Because if the price was set based on supply and demand, there wouldn't be bags that end up above retail on eBay. I think a good example of a bag that is inexpensive but exclusive is the Anya Hindmarch "I'm Not a Plastic Bag." It costs next to nothing, but is very exclusive. Except that in that case, exclusivity is not based on money. I guess for most bag it is the price that dictates exclusivity...
  8. Agree too, to an extent.
    Ideally, demand should be generated by aesthetic/material qualities, but things go wrong when 'hype' enters (see the current not-a-plastic-bag craze!)
    Rarity itself: maybe not.
  9. Then there is the Birkin - loads of women can afford it but they don't make enough to fill the demand so they have to go on the list. Which makes it rare. But the same women could probably afford that ugly LV, yet only one woman in the whole country has been stupid enough to order it! That one's 'rare' because nobody wants it!
    I think a true exclusive bag is one that only real afficionados can spot, and that only real purse people appreciate. Anything that gets faked for $20 on Canal Street has lost it's exclusivity for me.
  10. I don't think rarity is really an issue, but if someone really wants something. say a vintage Chanel, they would be willing to pay whatever price is needed to get it.
  11. Thank you! tPF is saved once again from another book-length ShimmaPuff monologue.

    This is a difficult hypothetical for me to process, considering the general shape and form of public taste vis a vis the beauty of exquisite embroidery, it's been there for so many millennia, maybe not in huge "supply," but generally no further than the friendly lady at a local ethnic grocery store's husband's sister, who never did move to the city.

    I mean, I just cannot imagine the people who pay thousands of dollars for mass-produced bags that are to my taste, well, um, ugly, suddenly descending on some tiny little community in the Himalyaas, demanding to be put on waiting lists... :okay:
  12. Exclusive to me has nothing to do with the price but rather the scarceness of it. Maybe a bag that a little boutique sells that not everyone knows about would be exclusive. A bag that is sold in one place, or is hard to come by is exclusive regardless of what the price is.
  13. If you make a bag yourself it's pretty exclusive yet can be very inexpensive as well.
  14. Not necessarily. Look at the "I'm not a Plastic Bag". They are sold out everywhere and impossible to get a hold of, yet very very cheap.
  15. YOU are so right! anything i see all over new york (fakes in midtown and at street fairs under the table) have lost me.....

    but addressing the topic of this thread, i love the UNIQUENESS of some SEMI designer bags like falchi and sharif etc..those don't get copied(at least i dont think so) and look so pretty
    so they hold value for me.....