Does a 30cm veau swift birkin slouch? How much?

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  1. Hi ladies, I have just put a podium reservation (:yahoo: ) for a birkin, 30cm, veau swift in anis.

    I perfectly know the size: my 30cm birkin (veau grainé naturel) is one of the bags that is use more :love: .

    I perfectly know the leather: I adore swift, I know it is a softer leather that doesn't give an especially rigid look to the bag, and I like that :heart: .

    I know the color, I know swatches by heart, I have seen it IRL on a taurillon clémence birkin, and I do know as well the way swift "takes" the color pigments especially well, which is perfect as that's exactly how I wanted my green to be: bright and intense. (I have seen swatches on the leather book as well as pics and I love it) :nuts: .

    So I almost know everything except... I don't know how much swift leather does actually slouch on a 30cm birkin :shrugs: .

    I mean, 30 is not big, and so I know for sure it would slouch and collapse more on a 35 and even much more on a 40, but do any of you own a
    30cm birkin in veau swift?
    If you do, can you explain how much the bag collapses, how soft it is and looks, and do you maybe have pictures?

    Thank you very very much ! To all of you :P .
  2. Yup.. I wanted to know that too...

    I talked to an SA about SO-ing for a swift birkin and she told me it will slouch like clemence. I don't know how true is that...

  3. I have been told that I should order a swift bag from some members...I don't want too much slouch, so I am hesitant. I would love to hear. ALso, any negatives with swift?

    HG...where are you?
    24...where are you?
  4. Great question!!! I love Swift too......I think Duna and Gina have Birkins in Swift......can't remember the size though.

    One thing I HAVE noticed with my Gulliver Kelly is that it is a little prone to rubbing on the least mine was and that's why I took her to the spa.
  5. While I don't have a Birkin in swift, I do have a 30cm GPT in swift and it definitely slouches a bit toward the bottom of the bag. But, since the Birkin and GPT are constructed differently, I don't know if one translates to the other. Didn't help much, did I?
  6. Gulp!:sad: I hope it won't show too much on my anis birkin. I can't possibly go back and forth between my house and the spa every two days, and what's more they can't really fix rubbing on the corners..:sad:
  7. Good intentions always help! Thanks ninja sue :rolleyes:
  8. From what I've seen, the clemence still slouches more. I am biased toward Swift because it really takes color well and is iridescent. While not as rigid as box, it can hold the shape of a Birkin in the smaller sizes. It is more prone to scratching than clemence, but the mild scratches can be rubbed out and it does refurbish beautifully. I also find the softer the leather, the more wear you get at the corners.
  9. Trama, congratulations on your order! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I love my 30 birkin in swift!

    Here's a pic of it now, after over a month of almost daily use - and being stuffed in a suitcase, and knocking about on trains and planes and automobiles. I carry a lot of gear in my bags, so I can tell you that the 30 birkin in swift holds up very well. Here she is with nothing inside, just to give you an idea of how she stands on her own:


    For comparison, here is my 32 black box HAC, used just as much (although without the trauma of international travel behind her):


    And here they both are. The 30 swift holds up extremely well, so no worries!


  10. Thank you very much Gina :heart: , very kind of you to post pictures.
    It's amazing, I wouldn't have imagined such a similarity with box in the way it stays upright!

    BTW, they are beautiful!
  11. Trama, I have a 35 swift and it's very soft; more than slouching, what bothers me is that it always sticks out at the sides, if you know what I mean.... I think that a 30 will be better...
  12. Oh my...I keep hearing in my head my SA calf. Swift sure is pretty, but he kept talking about the corners.:nuts:
  13. Hi, I think it slouches less than clemence, I would say about 50% less, :yes: but it is kind of soft and "squishy" so if the bag is more than half full, the sides flare out like batwings!:nuts: :wlae:
    I think it is a beautiful leather and I love it,:P but if you do not loke the sides to "flare" you may always have to close the straps.
  14. Thanks gina... Let's all now go and buy swift birkin :P
  15. I would love a black swift 30 cm with gold or ruthenium!