Does 7 Days Allowed To Pay Include Weekends

  1. Not sure how long to give a buyer before sending a second invoice. I sent them an invoice on 4/7..and I assume that PayPal does the same. To date, I have not heard a word from the buyer and it is 4/12. I don't want to pi$$ them off by sending another invoice, but I find it strange that they have made absolutely no attempt to contact me. The buyer has positive feedback, but in reviewing it, they have bought nothing in the past but car parts. I just thought it a bit strange that they are now buying a handbag.
  2. Invoice them again and take appropriate action if you don't hear from them in the next 48 hours. Good Luck to you.
  3. I agree to invoice them again...I would even follow up with a polite e-mail requesting info as to when they will be sending payment so you can plan for the shipment. Good luck! Hope it doesn't turn out to be deadbeat bidder!
  4. its 7 days consecutive.
  5. I have done the same thing on the couple of late payers I've come accross. I just send them a friendly reminder to pay so I can ship.
  6. I would recommend going to to see what else your buyer has bought recently.
    There have been an awful lot of account takeovers lately. In which case I would recommend saving your pictures and text now, as if it was an unauthorized bid your listing will be zapped.
    Also the 7 days does include weekends.
    Good luck & hopefully your bidder is just being slow!
  7. Thanks for asking this, I too am approaching the 7 day limit with a very demanding seller and was wondering . . .Difference may be that I am hoping this guy doesn't follow through given his earlier aggressive emails and demands . . .
  8. Thanks to all of you for you support. I guess because I respond immediately with both payment and feedback, I get a bit concerned when someone else doesn't. As a seller, it's almost as if you are darned if you do and darned if you don't. I'll be glad when I sell the remaining bags that I did not plan to carry so that I don't have to worry about it anymore. The few buyers I have had thus far have been incredible, but you never know when you are gonna get that "one". I think I am nervous because of my nearly being scammed this week. Anyway, I will take your advice and re-invoice. Thanks again.
  9. thanks for all the info. I am currently dealing with a similar situation. the auction ended Apr 9th, and I still havent heard from the winning bidder. This is my first time selling anything....granted it is only a pair of is making me nervous...

    good luck with your sale!
  10. Thanks for all your help. I took your advice and sent them a kindly reminder, offering more time to pay if needed. By the next morning, I had my PayPal payment. Perhaps they forgot or needed more time. If someone is late, I don't have a problem with it. Guess I am just a "nervous Nellie" after having almost been scammed twice this week!
  11. I agree that it is 7 days consecutively. I would just send a friendly reminder that payment is due. I hope everything works out for you.

    woops sorry, I missed your last post. So glad it worked out for you.
  12. Waiting makes me nervous too. Sometimes people are just busy and they forget. I polite reminder is appropriate.
  13. I'm glad it worked out for you Bagachondriac! Momo43, did your seller send payment?

    I'm waiting on payment for my second item sold ever on eBay. Auction ended Sunday (4/15) and it's been a little more than 3 days now and I haven't heard from them. Seems that I'm supposed to give them 7 days but I stated in my auction that payment was due within 3 days. I sent them an invoice not long after the auction ended and then earlier today sent a friendly reminder message via eBay. I'm so nervous! I guess I'm worried it won't work out 'cause the second thing I ever bought on eBay was never sent to me. I got my money back eventually via my credit card but I'm still looking to buy the skirt I originally won! Argh.
  14. I have encountered this twice.

    After the initial invoice, and after 5 days, I sent a "friendly reminder" that I will ship out as soon as I receive payment.

    Both times, the buyers were apologetic and ended up paying right away.

    Remember, sometimes life just gets in the way of things. :smile:
  15. I just read your update (after posting my reponse) LOL