Does 3 B-bags make it a collection???!! *PICS*

  1. Well...I got my first b-bag a few months ago, and fell in love....a green shopper. Since then...the only bags I can think about are Balenciaga. Then I stumbled upon the metallic first in Milan Station...and had to make it mine. And least for a long time...I bought the black hobo at Milan Station a few days ago!!! I love them all!!! If anyone can tell me info about the black bag...or how to figure out what year it is...please chime in!!
    balenciaga 002.jpg ryan pimped 015.jpg ryan pimped 022.jpg
  2. i love the red one!!!
  3. wow - on my moniter the DAY looks almost INK - are you sure it's black? either way, it's gorgeous!
  4. Sounding like a b-bag ink a very dark blue??? I think it is black...but it does look blue on my monitor, as well!!!
  5. I feel it's ink too, all of them are gorgeous!!:smile:
  6. I think 3 bags is a collection! Congratulations! I too think the day is ink - and the leather looks gorgeous!

    I love milan station! Which one did you find these beauties at? I usually frequent the one at Causeway.
  7. They all came from the Milan Station on Chatham Road in T.S.T. The green one was the most expensive at @ $600.00...the other two were in the $500's. I think that I got a good deal!!! maybe the Day is ink!!!
  8. [​IMG]

    Anne : ur 3 collections esp the red metallic first bag, u are so lucky to get this from the consignment shops....ur discontinued shopper bag is lovely and really jealous abt ur bbags...they are amazing....congrats:heart: :heart:
  9. i love the black hobo. very nice collection.
  10. congrats!!! nice bags.
  11. i love milan station. i went to each and every one of them when i was on vacation in hong kong.

    BTW. love your collection! congrats on your find.
  12. Anne, they are pretty cheap. Love Milan Station and VIP Station too!! VIP Station gave me extra extra discount on the b bags I bought.

    Wish I can return to Hongkong soon..
    How about a City for your next purchase?
  13. Definitely! It's a beautiful collection, Anne!

    My Mom is from Hong Kong. I've only been once, but I didn't get to visit any Balenciaga retailers there. I hear that the shopping is pretty sweet. Are there good consignment shops for B-bags where you live?
  14. What is Milan Station? Is it a consignment shop? Did you get good deals?

    If it looks black to you in person, it's probably black. Ink is pretty obviously not can look navy, purple, and even black in some lighting, but you would have noticed the variations.

    ETA: never mind ... I had not read the entire thread before asking my dumb questions above. ;)
  15. Thanks everyone....
    spiralsnowman...I live here in HK, and the Milan Station that I frequent is right around the corner from my office! Hence the daily stops, and new b-bags!!!
    fiatflux....I am pretty sure that it is black!! I know almost nothing about the bags other than that I love is easy to feel ignorant here...where there are so many experts!!!!