Does '06 Bleu Roi = '06 Blueberry?

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  1. I've made up my mind, and am going for an '06 Blueberry First as my second b-bag purchase! :yes: Thanks to everyone who cleared up my questions about ink--still a gorgeous colour, just not for me...yet. ;)

    Does anyone know if '06 Blueberry is the same is '06 Bleu Roi? I know sometimes there are multiple names for the same colour...
  2. Thanks, Redney! You girls are the best--your replies are so helpful and so fast! Can't wait to get my new blueberry first :yahoo:
  3. yes the same, and equally gorgeous, one of my favorite colors. Great choice!
  4. Yes and it is a beautiful color if I say so myself!
  5. Yep, great choice I love Ink but I think in a small size (first) the blueberry looks nicer. I tried one on the other day and it's really beautiful!
  6. 0o0o yeah yeah yeah blueberry is HOT :drool: totally get a blueberry
  7. :yes: Yup, it is. And what a beautiful color too! Congratulations!
  8. i love my blueberry box! such an awesome color. are you ordering from aloha rag? i know they still have some!
  9. :yahoo: Yes they are the same. I sold my ink and also got the blueberry. Very happy w/ the choice. I'm sure you will be too.
  10. I'm about to buy a blueberry first, too. The color is so vibrant! I returned my ink twiggy because it was too veiny and purple. I think that you need to pick out the ink in person to get the right bag...
  11. Oh! Good choice! :yes: Blueberry is my FAVORITE :love:
  12. Blueberry in sunlight is beyond'll be amazed.