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  1. [FONT=arial, sans-serif]Hello everyone,[/FONT]

    I am new here.

    My first post was about my unhappy encounter with a potentially fake, marked and smelly bag.
    Some of you might have read it.

    I recieved my refund from the seller after much hassle. As she is a MPRS member, I have reported her activities to
    My Poupette. They are taking actions. I am not trying to get rid of her. I did it because I do not want other buyers
    to be in the same situation that I was in.

    We trust MPRS but some sellers just take advantage of that. I am not telling you not to buy from seller that I've listed
    below. Just do it with care.

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]authentic_lvlady <<-------- BEWARE![/FONT]
  2. thanks for telling us. I was gonna buy the Miroir speedy from her.:sweatdrop:
  3. she is a nice seller !!!
    also look at her feedback I can't understand what went wrong there
    why are you so upset if you got a refound?
    I am not saying you are a liar pls don't missunderstand but I am just wondering ;)
  4. I thought she sells authentic LV, doesn't she? :confused1:
    And lots of tpfers have bought from her with no problem. It's really wierd.
  5. Hmmmmm ..... :confused1:

    I've bought an LV item from her before and it was indeed authentic.

    The transaction was really smooth and fast.

  6. I've already have a Thread on why why why i am so mad.

    She is a waste of time. Item was not a describe. It was definately not new but she kept claiming it is! I've already post photos of what was wrong with the hardware.

    Yes. I have my refund but she a time waster by selling such items. It might be the odd one but I am still not happy about it.
  7. My case might be the odd one out.

    I did not say she is not nice. The reply for all my questions are quickly attend to.

    I've already email My Poupette the photos that caused my misery and they are investigating. If they saw the photos and are not worried about the authencity of the bag, I am sure they would not tell me that they will investigate.

    Well, they told me they are investigating...

    Another thing I am furious about is that I had to pay for the shipping/insurance back to her.
  8. I have seen many of her listings my question is how does she have so many?

    And it is always possible that for every good experience there is someone that will have a bad one. Unfortunately on eBay you can never really be sure. Lots of people have bought successfully and lots have not.

    Let us know what their investigation finds.
  9. I've bought a lot of LV from her, always authentic. She's really good about returns, too, really sweet.....
  10. I have bought many authentic LV's from her. They have always been authentic and I have found her to be very easy to work with. She is a reputable seller. She has been an MPRS seller on eBay since '99, I think, and has v. good feedback. Also, typically a person selling fakes is not inclined to provide a refund.
  11. I have bought five bags from her. She is a wonderful seller, absolutely honest and sells beautiful bags. I trust her implicitly. I understand you are new, but it seems to me that coming on to a forum and maligning the reputation of a reputable e-bay seller is not the most ethical thing to do. We have no proof your bag was "fake," other than that you say the hardware looks funny. While it's always possible one may have slipped by her, as it did recently with Let-Trade, I'm sure if it did she would immediately make it right and be very apologetic. I know from the bottom of my heart she would never knowingly and purposefully sell a fake bag.

    While you may be unhappy with your purchase, she clearly refunded your money, which she probably didn't have to do, to make you happy. I know she has done this kindly and nicely for others who had buyer's remorse for whatever reason. She has refunded money if a bag had a mothball smell, although it is well-known that due to the heat and humidity in that part of the world, many bags are stored that way and she does take bags on consignment. It is not that hard to rid most bags of the smell, and she has returned funds for people if they were unhappy, with kindness and integrity.

    While I understand you may have had a bad experience, and I'm sorry for whatever happened to you, a lot of us have had great experiences with her. I would buy from her again without any hesitation. I'm sorry to see her maligned on a forum. She is one of the sweetest people I've ever dealt with on E-Bay. I bought two batignolle horizontals from her, and two speedies. - All authentic, and all just gorgeous. I also bought years ago a Babylone from her which is absolutely gorgeous. Her auctions are the first ones I go to.

    I stand up for her, and her authentic LV bags, her honesty, and her kindness, wholeheartedly.

    This thread should probably be moved to the E-Bay section of the forum in any case, or closed. May I suggest that you be sure the bag is indeed "fake" and get it authenticated by someone reputable before coming on a forum where someone's reputation could be ruined. She goes to school and her E-Bay business is one that she lives on; it's her livelihood.

    I would buy from her again in a heartbeat and am always glad to watch her auctions. I'm kind of shocked that you have started these threads without even hearing back from My Poupette or any other reputable authentication on whether your bag is authentic. Be aware also, that My poupette has been wrong on occasion, and that my poupette sellers have sold fake bags on occasion. There is no guarantee with that entity.

    As far as paying for your own shipping to return a bag, that is a given on any auction. If a seller is kind enough to offer a return, it is always the buyer's responsibility to return the bag at their own cost.

    I agree that her offering you a refund is more proof of her honesty and integrity.
  12. I've bought from this seller several times. Never had an issue. In fact bought my shelton from her.No smells nothing. Great emails.. I'd buy from her again.
  13. I agree that the forum was not meant to bash eBay sellers, its too personal of an attack. By doing this you are bashing an individual not a corporate business. As far as the seller, I just viewed her auctions and the ones I looked at were all authentic.
  14. One more quick thing. It's well known that various epi bags sometimes have a chemical type smell. It's been likened by some people on the forum to a "cat pee smell." It's something with the type of leather and the dye, but it is a well-known phenomenon. You can do a search on the forum for "cat pee" and "Epi" and find lots of threads.

    Additionally, I just looked at the one epi bag my daughter has, and her zipper pull is shinier than the hardware. I guess that means the Charlotte, NC store is selling fake Epi bags?
  15. she is a wonderful seller! very friendly and always selling authentic bags! love her!
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