Dodgy chloe on ebay? advice please

  1. ok need some advice ladies, i bid and won a paddy on eBay, the seller doesn't accept paypal and that was fine with me til now..
    i won the auction yesterday and emailed about sending payment i eventually get a reply tonight that says

    ''Hi thank you for purchase,please make cheque to''blah, blah

    what's bothering me is i sent a nice friendly email and i get back something you would expect of a company, BTW the previous emails where i asked questions were replied to in poor english. Also on the listing it says item location is merseyside and then they gives me an address in norwich to send a cheque to, i have a bad feeling, what would you do, to pay or not to pay? don't really want bad feedback or a fake bag!!
    sorry for the rant!
  2. I have had a recent experience, and stupidly got stung.

    If you are in doubt at all. I would try and get out of the transaction. Even if I would end up with an NPB strike.

    No paypal, and pay with cheque says no recourse to me, and one risk which I would not take again.

    If you receive a fake and have to claim via eBay, you will only get about 1/4 (if that) of what you paid back.

    Please if in doubt, don't do it.
  3. Thank you, i've emailed them and voiced my concerns and reluctancy to complete the transaction so i guess i'll wait and see what they say, i also get the feeling it's a man and that always puts me off, why would a man be selling a handbag!
  4. well seems i was right, i had an email from ebay advising me not to send payment and if i already had to request a refund, phew that was close.
  5. If you get a bad feeling about it, it certainly isn't worth the risk.

    Glad it worked out like that.:tup:
  6. thanks sollytia, i had a lucky escape
  7. Von, really pleased it worked out.:tup: