Dodging the Shadows of the Sun

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  1. This is pretty neat. This blogger's friend designed the H windows at the Madison Ave store...
    cynthia1.jpg hermes-gold-shoes.jpg hermes-window-clothing-and-masks.jpg hermes-window-housewares-and-paintings.jpg
  2. Very nice! Thanks for posting, I lurve looking at H windows. I spy some orchid porcelain...
  3. Great pictures beaumonde. Thanks.
  4. Wow thanks for sharing!
  5. Beautiful windows!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
  6. Thank you for sharing! Love the porcelain!
  7. Beaumode, thanks for sharing!

    I find it intersting that she, as recent as during 2006, was a waiter; obviously a very successful waiter!

    Also, generally a great blog (I love all food related blogs!)
  8. nice.