documenting my chanel family--pics!!

  1. so here i am waiting for the window guy to finish his work and i am bored out of my mind. what better way to kill time than to take updated pics of my babies?

    first up are the flaps--check out the bordeaux and grey reissues i just scored recently. BIG thanks to imgg, thegraceful1, redd, and greendrv for helping me with these does take a village to build a collection!



    then here's the rest... i'm missing the khaki cabas and pony sharpei but oh well, i had a hard enough time making these all fit into the group pic!


  2. oh that Bordeaux!:drool:
    BEAUTIFUL collection!!!
  3. wowser wowser wowser what a collection.. If you ever need that red off your hands! hee hee
  4. wow you have your own little chanel boutique right there in your house
  5. Gorgeous! LOL - I hope you get bored more often if it means we get to see more pics of your lovely collection! :p

    Fabulous - loooove your reissues and cloudy bundles!!!!
  6. :nuts:


    Still loving that Le Marais
  7. Great bags......I love the brown colored flap!
  8. OMG - looooooove your collection!!! :love: :love:

    Everything's so gorgeous - especially your reissues!!!!! :nuts:
  9. What is that tan one in the second pic...bottom left??! Love it!!
  10. I want to be like you when I grow-up!!!! Love your collection
  11. By the way ldldb, which is your personal favorite??:smile:
  12. looks like a Chanel cloud on the couch - all those lovely soft Chanels.....I am soooo in love with the bordeaux Reissue. What a stunner!!! Very beautiful thanks for sharing. :yes:
  13. you have an amazing collection. Thanks for sharing.
  14. humm the tan one on far left is the bowler from Le Marais and the taupe one next to it is from the vintage ligne. both yummy!
  15. Gorgeous! LOL !!