Documenting different Balenciaga styles

  1. We have a thread that documents the different balenciaga colors and different leathers. How about starting a thread about the different styles? I get confused about the box, the first, the city, etc. and it will help a lot if anyone can provide photos and names of the styles.
  2. Thanks robotdoll for the tip!
  3. Great thread! I happen to have 3 different styles to show:

    #1 First.
    #2 City
    #3 Twiggy :biggrin:
    DSC03588.JPG DSC03583.JPG DSC03586.JPG
  4. City (left) and Day (right)

    Picture 037.jpg

    :heart: :love:
  5. City (left) and City behind First (for size comparison).
    InkCityoutside.jpg 04 and 05 pewter b-bags outside.jpg
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