Documenting Chloe Zipper Pulls ~ PICS ONLY ~

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  1. This is a reference thread for PICS ONLY! No chatter please! Thank you!

    secret_shopaholic and I thought it might be a useful resource, to try to gather as many photos of authentic Chloe zip-pulls, as possible. :smile:

    So, whether your Chloe bag is older, or just released, it would be great if you could add some pics! :flowers:

    Pics of older and/or rarer bags' zip-pulls would be especially valuable. :yes:

    Please clearly state the name of the bag, the season (if known), where you bought the bag (not just where the seller/gift giver claimed to have bought it, if it was not bought by you, personally, from an authorised store/website) and whether it was new when you bought it.

    Please also state, if the bag was given to you as a gift (unless you were there when it was purchased from an authorised store/website!).

    Pictures of known fakes' zip-pulls would also be very useful; as long as they are clearly stated as such.

    Please also include pics of the zip-pull inside the bag, if it differs from the one(s) on the outside.

    Many thanks, in advance, for your contributions! :biggrin:
  2. OK, I'll start...

    Authentic Chloe Large Tiger Head Hobo, A/W '03 - '04 (bought new from NAP):


    As you can see, there's a 'seam' along the edge of the zip-pull, but it's smooth and the cross section of the loop is round.

    It is chunky, but not overly thick, or crudely made.

    The underside of the pull is unmarked.

    Please forgive the dust from the tissue paper I keep it in and the fibre in the first photo! :shame:
  3. Authentic Chloe Small Mesh Hobo (Silver), Summer '04 (bought new from NAP):


    Authentic Chloe Small Mesh Hobo (Old Gold), Autumn '04 (bought new from NAP):


    I believe this zip-pull is similar to the ones on the Gladys and is the most like the YKK Doughnut, on their website.

    The underside is also logo-ed (in the same position).

    As you can see, the same style, in a different colour and from a different season, can have a totally different zip-pull.
  4. Here's a good pic of the zip-pull on an Ida Clutch, S/S '06 (courtesy of NAP):


    As you can see, it's similar to the one on my Tiger Hobo. :smile:
  5. These pics were very kindly donated by mimz. :flowers:

    These two are of the interior zip-pull from her Black Suede Limited Edition Bag, 2003 (bought from a resale outlet and then authenticated as genuine):


    These two are of the exterior zip-pull of her Chocolate Silverado, F/W '05 - '06 (again, bought from a resale outlet and then authenticated as genuine):


    ...and this is the interior zip-pull of the same Silverado:


    Thank you, once again, mimz, for the pics of your gorgeous bags! :biggrin:
    Chloe Limited Edition 2003 Zipper Pull 2 mimz.jpg Chloe Limited Edition 2003 Zipper Pull mimz.jpg Chloe Silverado Exterior Zipper 2 mimz.jpg Chloe Silverado Exterior Zipper mimz.jpg Chloe Silverado Interior Zipper mimz.jpg
  6. F/W 2011 tan calfskin with detachable strap, purchased from Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills on 31 Aug 2011 for U$D1650 pre-tax.

    double leather tab zipper pulls for main compartment:


    and the interior pocket's zip pull:

    P1080094.JPG P1080089.JPG