Documenting Chanel CC markings through time

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  1. I'm interested in documenting different markings on the exterior CC turn-lock closures through time. I know alot of Chanels have no marking on the CC's and that some have a small square-shaped indentation on the upper area of the left C. I was hoping others could chime in with any other markings Chanel has definitely used over time and hopefully post pictures for everyone's reference. I know there are some vintage Chanel lovers out there that might be able to help. Thanks so much, and I hope this proves to be interesting and helpful to others as well!
  2. echo, the only time there are markings on the CCs is whenthey are plated with 22K gold/alloy (hence the symbol for 22K gold). That is the only reason for the markings. I believe you don't see the markings on silver hardware. As far as vintage, I don't own any so I can't help you. But my beige med classic flap gold hdware has that mark in the top left corner to symbolise 22K plating.
  3. Well this is good to know.
  4. I agree! How interesting! I didn't know what that symbol was before, and I'm not familiar with gold enough to know the 22K symbol. You're referring to the square indentation marking, right? Thanks so much for that info!
  5. ^^ Yes, I am. :yes: So this is also good knowledge if you were to shop on ebay for bags with gold hardware and stay away from the good fakes. Chanel always has that mark on the CC to represent gold plating. To distinguish its hardware like the common golden BRASS hardware that exists in say, LV bags.
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  6. So, as far as you know, the marking for 22k gold is the only marking Chanel has ever used? This is certainly helpful info to have. If anyone else knows of any other marking (perhaps for a different quality of gold) please feel free to chime in!
  7. This is so interesting! I have an older bag with that marking! Thank you for the information!
  8. Does anyone have a purse with this marking or know if this is a symbol for any sort of gold plating?

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  9. this is very interesting - i have seen this marking on some bags in ebay - I was also wondering why it had that marking instead of the square...

    hope someone on this board will be able to enlighten us. :biggrin:

    p/s: my newly acquired vintage red flap also comes with the square mark - & i believe my bag is probably from the 80s (as the serial number starts with 3xxxxxx - as according to the chanel reference thread)
  10. okay,. i just checked, here are the markings I have for my 3 Chanels:

    (1) Pink Classic Caviar Gold HW (10", $1595 from NM) has a "W" or "M" symbol on the upper left CC symbol

    (2) Black Classic Caviar Gold HW (10'', $1595 from Saks) has a "square-like" symbol

    (3) Black Classic Caviar JUMBO Gold HW ($1695 from NM) has 3 stroke marking as showed in echo_23's picture, EXCEPT my 3-stroke is located at the bottom right of the CC symbol.

    Could someone please shed light on this topic ? I will post the pic as soon as the battery is done charging :smile:
  11. Wow Pinkpiano, that's super interesting. I wonder what those other two markings mean since the other one is the 22k gold symbol. I can't wait to see the pics. Were these all recent purchases or are some of them from a while back?
  12. the 3 stoke marking on the bottom right of my CC is on my jumbo caviar.. it was a recent purchase like right before the price hike.
  13. I never knew that about the square mark. I have it on a vintage quilted cosmetic/train case (age unknown. Thanks for the info. I'm curious about the other marks as well.
  14. hi everone,

    sorry that my camera was century old and therefore the quality of the pics are.. you know.. bad, but anyway here it is:
    I purchased all my bags before the price-hike, the authenticity number is as followed:
    Pink Classic - "10XXXXXXX"
    Black Classic -"11XXXXXXX"
    Black Jumbo -"11XXXXXXX"

    This is the Black Jumbo, which has "3-stroke" marking:

    This is the Black Classic Caviar, which has a filled "square-like" indentation , but "filled", i mean it's has squids in them, rather than an empty square:

    This is the Pink Classic, and sorry that you can't really see the "W" or"M" markings,but here it is:

    so you know, it's actually not the quality of the camera, but my poor photography skills -_-
  15. Thanks so much for posting the pics pinkpiano! I wonder if anyone knows what those markings stand for and if there are any other authentic Chanel markings out there.