Documenting Balenciaga Shapes, Colors


Feb 4, 2006
I am considering buying a Balenciaga City in ink, but I am totally unfamiliar with the shapes, sizes, and to some degree the colors of the Balenciaga line. Maybe the Balenciaga owners would post their pics here so those of us who don't have local access can see the bags? Also, pics of bags ON or HELD would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :smile:
To me, the City is the perfect size for me. I'm 5'3" and like it because I have to lug around a lot of stuff. The City holds everything PLUS SOME! It doesn't look huge on me either......just right!
Looking at all of the pictures of the gorgeous city bags lately has made me wish that I had not gotten rid of all of mine. I think I'll have to get another city once the Fall '06 colors are released. I'm thinking either sapin or bleu roi.
ETenebris said:
Thanks Jag! i just read the whole thread, and I am really glad that I went for the City. I just hope the leather on my bag is nice since I don't get to pick it in person. :blink:

No worries! I am sure the leather is going to be gorgeous. I also called the Balenciaga store in NYC to ask them about the shininess of the leather since some of the other members have warned about teh new bags v. old b-bags. Joseph there told me that as you wear them, they each become more matte and more plush. Which seems consistent with what the other ladies in the forum have said. I guess that is why they are so addictive- they get even better with time and use:love: