Documenting Balenciaga Colors

  1. There was a great thread on documenting Chloe colors and it turned out really well with everyones pics. of their Chloe colors and styles. So here ya go Bbag girls, I will start it off with pics of the 06' White city and my 05' apple first. Please post yours for all of our Bbag lovers!:love: ;)
    As soon as my Indigo Twiggy arrives I will be sure to post pics of it:nuts:
    DSC03250.JPG DSC03255.JPG
  2. Here's my F/W 2005 bordeaux First:

  3. Woohoo! I get to be the first ink City!
    InkCityoutside.jpg B-bag on door.jpg
  4. Fab idea! This is my F/W '05 Rouge
  5. You still have it? I thought you were thinking of doing a trade with someone? Lovely color... :love:
  6. Fun post! Here are some from my collection. I don't have the chocolate city or the 06 lilac twiggy anymore though.

    Left to right: eggplant city & twiggy, chocolate city, 06 lilac twiggy, calcaire twiggy.

    DSCF0008.jpg m-chocity.jpg m-lilactwiggy2.jpg m-twiggy.jpg
  7. Lovely Bbags ladies! Thanks for sharing!! :biggrin:
  8. So here comes another city in ink and the first in cornflower.
    B-bagink2.jpg cornflower 005.jpg
  9. Well, here's my one-and-only (for now ;) ).

    Picture 001.jpg

    Picture 030.jpg

    I know we've already had apple green, but I just love to show my baby off.:love:
  10. :huh: Hey you, quit stealing my ideas :P :lol:
    Love the colours I've seen so far!! I'm probably going to have to get one now :blink:
  11. My first turquoise 05 and my twiggy caramel prefall 05
    DSCN1375.JPG DSCN1370.JPG
  12. This is a 2003 suede first/classique in light brown.
  13. This is fantastic so far ladies. Thanks!!
  14. OH NO! This thread is going to make me nuts! Now I want even MORE b-bags!!! I am drooling over the rouge, teal (OMG! I have to have teal), chocolate, cornflower... you get the picture.

    ANyway, here is another ink city:
    Ink City 002.jpg
  15. Here's my ice blue classique :biggrin: