documenting balenciaga ACCESSORIES and Clutches- DISCUSSION THREAD

  1. I am so in love with Balenciaga clutches!!! Do they still make them? I saw a picture in the celebrities with Bbags thread of Hilary Duff with one and fell in love with it!:love: If you have a clutch please post a picture!!!:yes:
  2. Me too! I'd love to see more pics! I absolutely loved the eggplant one I saw in another thread!
  3. Here's a pistachio clutch which I no longer have :p
    pistachio clutch.jpg
  4. percephonie the clutch is awesome! love love LOVE it! :heart:
  5. ooh, great thread! post please!
  6. i want to see as well!
  7. Here ya go :smile:

    Magenta Clutch, Turquoise 04 Clutch

    Bturq04Clutch.jpg clutch_magenta1.jpg
  8. OHHH- I love all your clutches!!! I must have one! LOL Do they still sell these? I just saw a coin purse at Barney's but no clutches were there!!! Me want one!!!:hysteric:
  9. ooh beverly, i love your clutches...
  10. I believe they do still sell them.. but for some reason they're harder to find than the regular bags or coin pouches??
  11. gorgeous!!
  12. love all the clutches, but do you guys carry them as an evening bag or use them inside other bigger bags?
  13. I would use it either way if I had one.
  14. Zac -- BalNY carries the make up clutch like Beverly's, and NM has the shoulder style (same size as make up clutch, but comes with wrist/shoulder straps + mini mirror)
  15. ^^Do you know how much the shoulder style is? It's so cute!