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  1. Hey guys! I am more of a prada newbie, i usually linger more around the LV & Goyard forums.
    I am looking to buy a travel wallet for my boyfriend's birthday (he want one after seeimg me travel with my LV Zippy Organizer).
    I was browsing Prada's E-Store and saw this one (2ML188)



    Does anyone have it and care to share a review? I have read about Saffiano being an issue for some so if you have any opinions on that subject, that would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance guys!
  2. I have this one in black:

    and I think mine looks like its just the ladies version of the one you've posted. I love it! I actually use mine as an everyday wallet because it fits everything - my checkbook, all my credit cards, IDs, all those loyalty cards, receipts, etc. And its big enough to slip your phone into and just carry as a clutch. When I travel, it can actually fit in 3-4 passports, my ID, and a couple of credit cards without any issues.

    Im pretty careful with my bags and wallets, so for what its worth, I haven't had any issues with scratches showing up on the leather. I've had it for almost 2 years, use it daily, and it still looks brand new.

    Prior to actually buying this, I was considering the chanel travel wallet, until I found out that the interior was just fabric. At that price point ( $900+) there shouldnt be any plain old "fabric" in the wallet. This prada travel wallet is all leather and silk inside ( at a much more reasonable price!). I would highly recommend!
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  3. Hello,
    I was just wondering whether you got this? How are you finding it? Do you think it's a good size for everyday use? or just for travel?

    Sorry to ask lots of questions... :smile:
  4. Hello!

    I did not end up getting it- i got him a different prada pouch- it was more his style.
    I can, however, vouch for my LV zippy organizer, which is the exact same shape and size as this one. I love it for travel, it fits a lot of stuff and it makes me very happy. I can imagine you can fit it in a large purse for daily use or use it as a clutch.

    Good luck deciding!