doctors in singapore for eyelid surgery

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  1. Hi guys, I realized that we don't have a thread for people who are interested to do their eyelids in Singapore. I'm looking to get my eyes done sometime early this year and am wondering why most Singaporean head overseas for their surgery when we have doctors here who can provide th same services. Despite the higher charges (s$3000-3800), shouldn't their skills be comparable since eye surgery is considered the simplest procedure?

    Please advise? :smile::smile:

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  2. Hi! I share your thoughts and agree totally. Before this I kept on researching on clinics abroad but after a while I decided not to as I worry the complications later should there be any. Anyway, I found a reliable doc and am now day 11th post blepharoplasty (double eyelid) and lateral canthoplasty. Quite pleased with the outcome so far. There are some swelling still but it's not too bad. Do ask me question if you hv any. :smile:
  3. These are my current photos. I posted them in another double eyelid thread as well. A little swollen still.

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  4. WOW! your eyes are so pretty!!

    Could you provide me your doctor's name and clinic please? :smile:

  5. I went for a consultation with Dr. Shen from TCS and he was pushing me towards the DST stitching method. May i know what makes you go for the cutting method instead and you're so young. I cant believe your bruises and everything are gone in just 11 days !
  6. Hi! Before the surgery my eyes looked droopy and tired. You can see the before and after pictures on the below links.

    Dr. Cheong You Wei (KL, Malaysia) was the one who did my eyes. You can google him for more info. First went to him 3 mths ago for rhino + alarplasty & forehead augmentation via fat transfer. Wanted to get my eyes done (double eyelid + medial canthoplasty) the same time but he suggested me to wait until my nose settles before deciding, as my eyes would appear closer. And so i waited. Sure enough what he said but i still prefer bigger eyes. He said ok to the double eyelid but not medial canthoplasty. Lateral would be better for my case. He charged RM3K (around USD900) for double eyelid and RM1.5K (around USD450) for lateral canthoplasty.

    I asked him for stitching method at first because i prefer a quicker recovery. He said he could do that but he would not suggest it as the stitches could get loose and i will eventually have to redo the whole procedure. Also my eyes were droopy because there were quite a bit of fat on my eyelids. For brighter looking eyes, he would have to remove some of the fats.

    Anyway, i think it's good if you could see a few more doctors for their opinions before going under the knife.

    Oh, i took "tin chat" pills which helped in reducing the bruising and swelling. You can get them from chinese medicine shop. Also lots of Vit C. :smile:

    Btw, i'm 32 this year la! Not young anymore :smile:
    Feel free to ask if you have more questions.

    Good luck!
  7. Can anyone help out?

    epicantoplasty and blepharoplasty
  8. Apparently, Andrew Tay is quite raved a lot in another forum 'C' and a few bad reviews on Woffles Wu (such as creating deep scars accordingly to a few reviewers on forum 'C'). I personally researched a little as I was interested in doing my eyes in SG. Anyways, if I were to do in SG…I would go for Andrew Tay. But now, on a fence between Korea or somewhere else lol.

    Please do go to forum 'C' cos it has many information from individuals who did their eyes in SG.
  9. With travel costs - is it really much cheaper than going stateside? I've researched around the internet and haven't found enough positive feedback on the track record of plastic surgeons in Singapore. But of course I'm always open and do not have experience with any procedure. In my opinion it doesn't seem worth it and I'd rather pay more for as reputable surgeon here in the states. After much research I've decided to use Dr. Mani in Beverly Hills, CA for a Endoscopic Brow Lift. I plan to have the procedure at the end of the summer, but I'm open to other options. I do appreciate the feedback of more experienced members of the forum.

  10. you seen andrew tay?
  11. No woffles wu please. Just sayin' lmao
  12. I did mine at TCS too. I had non-incisional few years back (2012) I did it about $2500 +- excluding those consult and medication etc.

    Remember was quite satisfied previously. quite natural and nicely done. but due to aging I had to do incisional not long ago but I did this in Seoul.
  13. who was your doctor?

  14. what is with woffles wu?
  15. Guys, I'm going to go ahead with Dr. Shen from TCS clinic since I did my consultation there and he was able to compromise with my tight schedule :smile: