Doctors Find Six Sewing Needles in Baby

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    Doctors Find Six Sewing Needles in Baby


    Posted: 2007-06-19 17:36:33

    BEIJING (June 18) - Doctors in southern China were planning to perform surgery on a 1-year-old boy whose parents took him to a hospital because he had been unusually fussy and learned he had six sewing needles in his body, newspapers reported Monday.

    The child's parents, migrant workers from southwest China, said they had no idea how the needles ended up in their son, nicknamed Xiao Yu.

    The Beijing Youth Daily ran a color photo of an X-ray showing five needles throughout the boy's torso. The Beijing Morning Post printed close-ups of the X-ray, plus another that showed a needle that had apparently been pushed through the top of the child's head.

    The photographs showed the needles completely embedded inside the boy.

    "We have to perform the surgery as soon as possible, but we cannot promise that we can remove all the needles," the doctor, Gu Yong, was quoted as saying.

    The parents said they took Xiao Yu to a hospital on June 2 after he cried for three or four nights in a row and ate less than usual.

    An X-ray taken there revealed two needles inside the boy's chest. He was sent for surgery at another hospital, where a second X-ray revealed four more needles - two in his scrotum, one in his head and another in his abdomen.

    The parents, who work at a bag factory in southern China's Guangzhou city, said no strangers have come into contact with the boy.
  2. I swear to Louis Vuitton, I posted this in general the heck did it end up in health & fitness?!?

    Can a mod please move it? THANKS!!!
  3. Oh no!!! That's so awful...the parents should of kept a closer eye on the baby...hopefully doctors are able remove all the needles!
  4. oh my gosh! that is terrible!!

    I don't know how the parents couldn't know how they got there!! he is only 1 he should be spending that much time by his self!!
  5. This is beyond belief! There is no way the child did that, did noone see blood? This is so unbelievable I am almost thinking it is a wind up?
  6. :wtf:
  7. Mods move topics if they feel they belong somewhere else.

    That particular mod must have moved it to Health and Fitness because there was the word 'doctors' in the title.

    Don't waste your time worrying about it. Seriously.

    Thanks for posting it, though.
    That poor little baby!
  8. I cant figure out how that would happen?

    Could it have been accidental?

    So strange....
  9. ew, if there are needles inside this poor baby there would be blood somewhere. and I would presume if they kept a close eye on him they would notice such things, there is no way that that many needles could appear randomly in different places without intent. And that makes me sick. There are some sick people in this world.
  10. Why do I open these threads.. That's appalling. I'm so sorry for that boy.
  11. I agree!!:cursing:
  12. A baby couldn't push a needle into his own head or anywhere else in his body. Instinct would stop him when he felt pain, this is crazy! Would take some determination to get a needle through skull I just cannot understand this & in scrotum? Ye Gods!!!
  13. I Was Just Thinking The Same Thing.

    I Feel So Horrible For That Little Guy...OY....I Have Tears At The Thought Of It. I Hope The Best For Him

    ETA: NVMyLV ~ I Just Want You To Know ~ It Was My Choice To Open This Thread....I Appreciate You Passing This information Along
  14. Once that baby's healed it should be placed somewhere away from those parents until (and even after) they figure out what happened.
  15. omg poor kid