Doctors Deliver Baby On Delta flight

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  1. By GIOVANNA DELL'ORTO, Associated Press

    Fri May 25,

    ATLANTA - Two doctors on a Delta Air Lines flight from Germany delivered a baby in the aisle of the plane and resuscitated him when he wasn't breathing, officials said.
    Delta Flight 131 to Atlanta was over the Washington area when a woman about 32 to 36 weeks — or nine months — pregnant went into labor Wednesday afternoon, prompting an emergency stop in Charlotte, N.C., about nine hours into the flight.
    Though the baby boy wasn't breathing when he was born, he was "like a normal newborn" by Friday, one of the doctors who helped deliver him said.
    The baby was born in front of the first seats after first class, one of the roomiest aisles in a plane. Using a stethoscope that was part of medical equipment onboard, the doctors realized the baby had a very slow or arrested heartbeat as the woman was in labor.

    "Delivering a baby in an aisle of a plane isn't an easy thing to do," one of the doctors, Dr. Robert Vincent, a pediatric cardiologist with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, said Friday. "I didn't think the child would survive."
    Vincent worked with Dr. Dieter K. Gunkel, an adult cardiologist from Savannah, Ga., to deliver the baby. When he was born, he was blue and wasn't breathing or moving. Vincent started chest compressions and Gunkel did mouth-to-mouth breathing until the boy "pinked up," Vincent said.
    "We were flying by the seat of our pants," Vincent said, adding that he didn't even realize baby was a boy until his birth was announced to applauding passengers.
    Vincent said the baby weighed about seven pounds. His name wasn't available.
    The mother, whose identity was not released, was taken to a hospital with the baby. About an hour after the emergency landing, the flight continued to Atlanta, officials said.

    "It was a heroic effort by our flight attendant crew and our customers on board who were fortunately doctors," said Delta spokeswoman Betsy Talton.
    Doctors usually discourage pregnant women to fly at the ninth month, but Talton said Delta has no policy to deny boarding. Other airlines, including Lufthansa and Northwest Airlines, require a medical certificate for women who are at the 36th week of pregnancy.;_ylt=AvoIvlGxEfVYuAc9Z9GOBPMH1vAI
  2. Oh wow, that's pretty amazing.
  3. That baby was very lucky ! :yahoo::heart:

    and his mother totally irresponsible :sad:
  4. Wow I can't imagine she would want to fly so close to her due date?!?!

    I don't think it is responsible to put her baby at such a high risk...thank goodness that doctor was there to help!
  5. One of my very close friend's is a FA for Delta. Her friend, another Delta FA, was the senior FA on that flight! She helped deliver that baby!
  6. Holy moly!
  7. OMGoodness!!! How scary! So very glad that the baby and mom were okay
  8. ^ ITA. honestly, I flew when I was about 22 weeks and I felt pretty awful, bec the baby dropped right down. you just never know.... but at 36 weeks it is asking for trouble. she was lucky docs were there to help - and managed so well given the circumstances.
  9. I hope this isn't the beginning of a pattern of bad decisions on her part when it comes to her kid. Glad everyone is okay.
  10. Seems like a bad idea to fly when you are that pregnant. The story could have had a very sad ending! Not to mention they had to hold up a whole plane full of people near the end of their trans-atlantic flight.
  11. maybe they wanted the baby to be an american citizen
  12. I've never been on a plane before, but I'm set to fly for my first time in a little over a month. This story doesn't exactly make me feel good about flying. It actually made me throw up a little in my mouth.

    Why would a woman get on plane that far along in her pregnancy?

    But then again. You need a license to drive, carry a weapon, and run a business or something...but they let ANYONE reproduce. And that woman sounds like she has as much sense as a bag of potatoes.


  13. My friend said that she was a military wife. She was flying home so that her baby would be born with family around.
  14. I'm just pleased that the mother and baby are healthy and doing well. She was very lucky risking it like that, how fortunate too that there were two doctors on board to help.
  15. i'm glad it all worked out for the best. that baby is very lucky.